Danielles Blog #3

  1. From the panel discussion I had hoped to learn about how the fundraisers started and how they have worked over time to make their mission statement come true.
  2. First I was impressed by the different people there to represent the nonprofits and how different the organizations were in terms of their missions. I also was interested in how two of the three organization had an annual gala to help raise money and donations from people who attend. Lastly I liked how the process was very laid backed but also somewhat professional at the same time.
  3. What impressed me the most about our panelist was how she told her heart melting story and how she overcame a great loss in her life by
  4. doing something good for others.
  5. I would have liked to ask Wilma a more personal question as to how she would like us to help her and help her raise money for her and her dogs.
  6. Yes because it gave me hope towards care for children who are sick or injured in hospitals and emergency rooms all over the United States.

Gina’s 3rd Blog post

From the panel I was hoping to learn more about the charitys that my group was interested in to see if we would want to work with them. I learned that one of the more successful fundraisers is a large gala held by the charity. Another thing I learned is that the participants had some connection to their issue. This seemed to make them more dedicatedly to their cause. Lastly I learned that they seek out young people more importantly than others. This is because kids are the future and they want us to get involved to make a difference when they won’t be able to. What’s impressed me the most was Bunny. She was from the Valerie Fund, a charity for cancer. This woman quit her high paying normal job to joint this nonprofit. Starting out there she did not have a personal experience that made her able to relate. Unfortunately 9 years in she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Bunny fought and won and continued to work in this field, that was the most impressive part of the panel. i have no additional questions thinking about the panel. The ones my group provided were well though out and we got answers that perfectly covered them. The panel reinforced my want to help this cause. The people who cake in were so dedicated and involved it made me want to help, however I can.

Sydney’s 3rd Blog Post

From the panel I was hoping to learn more about all of these nonprofits that took the time to come in and speak to us. I also was hoping to learn about the representatives stories and how they got involved and what makes them so passionate about their organization. I learned a lot of new things during the two panel discussions. I learned about people’s unique ways of getting involved with their nonprofit. I also noticed after that as students, it is very important to raise awareness of a nonprofit to our peers and generation. Lastly, I learned that everyone has a different story that can lead them to working for a organization. Our first panelist, Phyllis Rabinowitz shared her own story on how she started her nonprofit, RBaby Foundation. Listening to her explain her personal story on the growth and start to her foundation was very impressive and interesting to hear. Bunny Flanders was our second panelist. She also was very impressing, leaving her job and following her heart to work for the Valerie Fund. She also had a personal experience that was inspiring to all. A question I would have liked to ask is what has been your favorite part of working for this organization. I would have wanted to ask that because I want to hear about the inside of a nonprofit and the reason they are so passionate about what they do. The two panel discussions 100% reinforced my desire to support this cause. This is because after hearing how motivated and passionate our two guests wore it makes me even more excited to start fundraising for this cause!

Aliza’s 3rd Blog Post

  1. From the panel discussions I wanted to learn more about each organisations and how they run and what type of fundraisers they throw.
  2. I learnt about the backstories of each organisations. Also how each organisation uses their money and why they raise money.
  3. I really like how engaged each panelist was. Each person was very involved and loved what they were doing. They were very passionate and really want to get to know my group better.
  4. I wish I asked them how their non-profits have improved over the years.
  5. After the panel I now know which group to get involved with and help them with their cause.

Blog Post #3

I was hoping to learn from the panel discussions before it started, what they do on a day to day basis to bring in new donors. From the panel discussions I learned how everyone had a specific thing happen in their life time that lead them/gave them the motivation, to do what they do in their charity. I learned that charities are like a big web and that connections can grow in a lot more ways and a lot easier than I thought. Another thing I learned is that they bring in a lot of their personal life into their job and make it very personal, so that people can become more comfortable with them. I would have liked to ask if they ever felt like the pressure of trying to help all these people overwhelmed them. The panel did reinforce me to continue with this fundraiser because now I am so passionate about them and I want to go on a walk with them.

Cassandra’s 3rd Blog Post

I was hoping to learn about the organization and the panel speaker’s role in the organization. As well as what stories they had to share with us.

I learned so much from all the organizations present at the panel discussion. I learned how each organization started and how some organization leaders have a lot of passion for their cause. I also learned how each organization makes money and what happens if they don’t get enough donations that year.

What impressed me the most about the panelist my group invited was how he explained everything the organization does in great detail.

What is the most challenging main obstacle for the organization other than money?

Yes, the panel discussion did reinforce my decision to support this origination.

Blog Post #3

  1. I was hoping to learn about the process of the animal rescue and how much it costs and how hard it is prior and why they wanted to start their organization to the panel discussion.
  2. Animal rescue is a hard thing to do by yourself, some organizations raised over 13 million dollars, some organizations have big galas as their main fundraiser
  3. I was most impressed with some of the panelist’s back stories and how brave they were with sharing it and truly making a difference in the world, all of the people that came in.
  4. I would have liked to ask What is one thing they could do differently and why? because I would have liked to know what they would like approve upon.
  5. Yes it did reinforce my desire to support this cause, because I could see how much she is struggling and she is doing such an amazing thing all by herself and I would love to support her and help her organization grow.

Nathanel Paniri First Blog post.

  1. I was hoping to learn about there previous experience with the foundation and what led them to chose to it.
  2. Peoples backstory, what motivated them, and how they impact there organization.
  3. What impressed me about the panelist is how mentally strong there are in pursuing there dream.
  4. I would of liked to known what would happen if they stopped getting donations.
  5. The panel discussion really made my desire even more higher for the organization.

Brandon Krikorian: Blog Post #3

  1. I was hoping to learn about their backstories and what made them do what they are now doing with their lives.
  2. People’s past memories and how it affected them, how long they have been involved with the non-profit and what effect the non-profit and their work has done to their present day lives.
  3. Wilma really impressed me with how she still does her job despite having little money and support.
  4. I wish I could have asked someone who gets a lot of money what would happen if they stopped getting donations.
  5. Yes the panel discussion did reinforce my desire to help this non-profit especially after seeing Wilma and ho wmuch she struggles to survive.

Aliza’s 2nd Blog Post

● We were thinking about a name that would include a way to show we are trying to make change, so we went with Our Future, Our Action. I thought the name made sense because we are making change to help our future.
● Our team needs to get the word out on this issue and spread awareness of it. If we have a community working together then you have a whole group of people trying to fix an issue.