Aliza’s 2nd Blog Post

● We were thinking about a name that would include a way to show we are trying to make change, so we went with Our Future, Our Action. I thought the name made sense because we are making change to help our future.
● Our team needs to get the word out on this issue and spread awareness of it. If we have a community working together then you have a whole group of people trying to fix an issue.

Danielle’s Blog #2

My team and I have been trying to think of creative names that get across our teams message to companies and organizations. We still haven’t come up with a final name because we would want to further research and finalize our teams mission.

The team that I am in should research organizations that are in our general area that help underprivileged people around the New York, New Jersey area with health care, hospital expenses, and other needs having to do with a person’s health. I feel we should also try and be hands on and maybe intern or work at a care unit even if its a senior home or something smaller scale.

Blog #2

Well at first our team name was bits of each of our name put together which I thought was a great name. But then we later changed our team name to We Care For U, because since we are going to be doing charitable work it just makes sense. I didn’t know about the name change so I didn’t get a chance to have a say in he decision.

Our team should be fundraising and thinking about how we can raise money to help our cause. Also how we can donate our time. I feel like this will have a good impact because we are thinking not only about ourselves but the world around us and making that world a better place. The steps we should take is to make money.

Brandon Krikorian: Blog Post #2

  1. Our team came up with the name of We Care For U because we thought that it represented what our group was all about and that is helping the cause no matter the situation.
  2. Our group needs to find ways to make money because it will get our name out to the public which means that our mission will be known by people in the community which is great because then more people can help out non-profits.

Cassandra’s 2nd Blog Post

The process we used to developed a name is we all came up with one name that we liked and then we combined two of them together. I felt pretty good because every team member got to say what they wanted and share each others ideas.

My team should be working together and helping each other come up with various activities. I feel like this will make a big impact on how the community will be educated and engaged. I think my group should reach out to various organizations. Also, we would have to decided which organization would help us carry out our mission.

blog post #2

My team figured out a name by thinking about how we were going to make a difference with (hopefully) a great outcome. I felt good when we all agreed on our final name. We should all agree on two organizations then narrow it down to 1. From there, one of us should call the organization and get them to come to us and sell their organization to us. I feel that my group could make a difference at least for the one organization that we pick. We can send out flyers and or post about our organization to get others familiar with at least the name

Tamara blog #2

The way our team picked our name is pretty simple, we are six people and we are super, hence super6. We felt that our name very well represented us.

Our team should all be individually devoted to contributing to our group and making sure we are all getting our work done. I feel the community will be appreciated of our effort. We should keep updating each other on our actions and our future plans.

Hailey’s 1st Blog Post

  1. My experience using the MAD cards it was a fun experience. It was something that we haven’t done before in this or any class. I learned what I really liked and things that were’t as important to me. What I learned about other people is that they have trouble letting go of any cause in general. Even if they aren’t attached to it, they thought everything was important.
  2. The brown bag experience was we had to bring in 3 items that described who we are and how they define us. At first it was nerve-racking because people like to judge others. But I was confident in what I brought and it turned out okay. Sharing personal stuff to others besides friends and family is scary because you are opening up and being vulnerable to hurt but once you get over that fear and be confident in yourself it isn’t so scary. Listening to others was nice because it is interesting to see what is important to the people.
  3. I am hoping to gain more social skills and talking and opening up to people who isn’t my friend. Also to have a doorway to organizations I could potentially work with in the future.

Brandon’s First Blog Post

  1. My experience with the MAD cards were good. I learned a lot from the cards and about myself based on my choices. I also learned a lot about my classmates and their choices.

3. I hope to become a better person and help people in the future

Olivia h blog post #1

  1. I thought more about problems that are occurring in the world and that helped me plan out my order of the cards. With that being said, animal care was my top card. I learned that others are on a very similar path as me.

2. I was not here for the paper bag day but I have my three pictures together, my dog, my volleyball team, and my friends.

3. I want to care more about animals