Blog Post #5

  1. Three things that I learned from my classmates was how hard the volunteers worked on for their non-profits, how much time they put into their job, and how serious everyone was taking it.
  2. I would have like to learn about her money and where it was going into and how much help she really needed when we met her.
  3. Pick something close by that has a lot of resources because it will help a lot when trying to fundraise for that non-profit.
  4. It would be with dogs because I really love dogs.

Cassandra’s Field Trip Debrief

  1. My overall impression of the field trip was educational, enjoyable, and exciting. I expected to get a tour or all the places we visit which we did. I expected to learn some new information about what they did and how they execute their plan to help there end goal/cause.
  2. Greater Life impressed me the most because they do so much in the space that they have. They truly care about the people they work with and who they are working with. Honestly they deserve everything they aspire to have in the future because they are making a difference in people’s lives.
  3. I was very happy when we were at Greater Life unpacking all the school supplies we received. I was able to experience filling at least 40 backpacks with school supplies.
  4. I can have another new school supply drive and as well collect supplies from big corporations like Target, Staples, and Walmart.
  5. People do this work because they want to help people and animals. As well they have a passion for what they do. I have volunteered for the past three years at The Connection in Summit, NJ. I am an ESL teacher. I truly enjoy teaching others and learning from others.

Nathanel Paniri Blog Post

  1. I learned about the inspiration of the works from the non profit organization. They all really enjoy working for them. I also learned about how everyone is very organized in what they do for their organization.
  2. I would of liked to learn how the charities work on the inside and what they really do. I also would like to know how they promote there selfs.
  3. I would implement a plan right away and keep building off that one plan. I would also set a main goal.
  4. I would start and a charity for families who aren’t able to afford playing sports, so I would try to get people to donate equipment.

Field Trip Debrief

  1. My overall impression was very good. I felt really good helping all the organizations with their needs and finding out more about them. It was a much needed trip because I felt like it helped me see different lifestyles and realize that I want to help people or animals who have a lot less than me. And it also helped me see how fortunate I am.
  2. The people at Greater life impressed me the most because they seemed the most devoted to their work and what they do for others. They were all really passionate about how they were helping students and people of Newark. They were the kind of people that you would want to work at a charity, and the kind of people you want to have help you.
  3. The animal shelters made me so sad. Walking through the cages and their facility made me cry actually. It was so hard seeing all those animals in distress and in the shelters without a loving home. It confirmed in me that I really wanted to help these animals and in the future help animals in need.
  4. One think I can do is find a local animal shelter and help them with the dogs and their shelter and try to climb my way up their organization.
  5. I think people do this work to help make themselves feel better. Also to help people go through something someone already went through. I volunteered at Home For Good for a long time.

Tamara’s Blog Post

A) My overall impression of the field trip is that the only organization that I felt we actually had a use of physically going was the first one. That was the only one that we did anything hands on and helped them. The others had no real use for us being there.

B) The first organization impressed me the most because they do so much for the kids and they are non stop for the community and its very in inspiring.

C) The video that the last organization played made me a little emotional. It was a touching story about her life and how she changed it.

D) I can reach out and volunteer for the community, and discover what is needed in the area.

E) I think people do this work because they have a big heart and they want to help people. I do have my own club at this high school that helps towards financially supporting kids with cancer.

Field Trip (Danielle)

The trip was interesting to see how each organization spends their time working to support their cause and helping those in the community. I thought it was great how invested they are in their efforts to make a change.

I was impressed the most by the first place because they work hard to ensure education for kids and prepare them for the next school year.

It was sad to see the woman who was addicted to opioids

I would donate money and volunteer to help with campaigning

People do volunteer to enrich themselves by helping others and becoming better people .

Field trip (jack)

My impression of the field trip was really satisfying because it meant a lot how much they cared and supported.

The puppy shelter impressed me the most because they had a really good and hard working staff.

The pills shelter made me sad because I wanted to adopt every single one of them

Field trip debrief

Going on the field trip i expected it from the beginning to be a learning experience. although we have already been working with these organizations, getting to see them in person and work with the people there was a whole other experience. I enjoyed helping out and seeing the gratitude of the people there.

James impressed me the most. James was a 13 year old boy working at greater life. James devoted most of his time and effort to help give back even though he’s so young. He wasn’t even in school, he was giving back.

Throughout the time i was pretty happy, but seeing the dogs that have been in the kennel for years and years made me pretty sad.

One thing i can do is go back and help volunteer at any of the places we went to. donations are as well a big help but devoting time and effort is more effective.

I think people do this work because they genuinely feel like there are problems in the world and instead of sitting by and hearing about them, They are passionate to work and fix them.

Sydney’s Field Trip Debrief

Overall I thought that the field trip was a very eye opening experience. I expected to go to these three places, hear about what they do and maybe help a little. Throughout the day I realized that even though these three nonprofits have very different causes they all are very passionate about what they do. The first place we visited, Greater Life impressed me the most. This is because they work with such little and make it work. They use everything they have to support children and teenagers who need it the most. What made me emotional was seeing the faces of the people working because they were so grateful to see us. While we were packing the bags and seeing all of the materials people collected made me feel good and made me feel like I did something good for a good cause. I was also happy to see all of the puppies. One thing I can do once I graduate from High School to help the mission of any non-profits in the area for school is reach and get involved and learn what I can do to help. I am open to volunteer my time and help out. People do this work not for the money, but for the feeling. These people are so passionate about helping other people, animals or causes. People who do this work love what they do and they want to make the world a better place by giving back to people who need it the most.

Conrad’s 5th Blog Post

The field trip was interesting because it allowed us to see how some non profits work and the struggles they go through such as finding funding for their cause and projects. Throughout the day I was interested in the behind the scenes of the charities. I was impressed the most with greater life because they’re struggling to maintain their building and they’re still helping the community and supporting people. The dog shelter made me happy because despite the dogs being old and having tragic backstories they were in a no kill shelter so they wont be euthanized. After graduating from HS I can help these nonprofits by volunteering and donating to their causes. People work in non profits because they enjoy helping the community or they were personally effected by the issue they’re trying to raise awareness for.