Interview Quest

My english teacher, Ms.Cain

  1. Ms.Cain, Mentor of sorts
  2. I learned that I have more in common with other people than I thought. I learned that people have interesting interests. I learned that my english teacher likes old movies.
  3. It might change me by making me more empathetic towards other people


Over the break, there has been no update on our fundraiser. We are currently working on getting our fundraiser together in the next couple of days.


So far fundraiser is going well. Speaking to the charity helped because it gives us an advantage of getting brochures and flyers to give to people so that they understand what and who we are raising money for.

Break blog

Our group has made progress in our fundraising efforts we have setup all our ideas and are hoping to raise more money. We’ve been in contact with earth share. Paula has sent us a few print out and material we are going to be able to handout to the donaters.


My group, Pause for Paws, are in the middle of finalizing are fundraiser. I believe one of our group members has spoken to a representative from Home for Good which is something positive. I think it is easier to work with the charity because they can also provide more ideas for fundraising.

Update with Charity

As of now, Qudsiya and I have spoken to Jane Latini over the phone once but have emailed back and forth. The ideas that came from the conversation were very helpful and pointed us toward our fundraising idea. After speaking with the owner of Dunkin Donuts, Qudsiya was able to get the gift card, for free, we are using as the reward. The next step is getting the jelly beans for the fundraiser so we can go out and start raising money. Working with Jane Latini was helpful, but definitely was not needed, I believe. For some groups, working with their charity may be very helpful because they could have access to so much more stuff, but because Interfaith Caregivers is located so far away, I don’t really feel as though it was essential.


We finalized our fundraising plan. We already talked to the head supervisor of this charity and she is in agreement that its a good idea. It was very helpful


Our group has finalized what to do with the charity

our gruop has been collaberating every now and then to coordinate the charity

speaking with EarthShare did help with bringin the charity together

i feel it is good to work with our charity because it lets us better understand each other

Talk with charity

I think that the talk with our charity was very productive and it helped us to better coordinate our funraiser

Call Day

During the call, I talked to Jane Latini about fundraising ideas. She gave us some ideas but informed us more about different obstacles we would face. She provided us with a great idea about finding a company willing to double our funds. Our call was more than 15mins long but we were able to communicate a bunch about our different ideas. In the end, we decided on a fundraising event that we think would draw people in and generate money for Interfaith Caregivers.