MSP Video

I talked to my mom, dad, and sister about the Main Street Philanthropy program and even watched the video with my mom. Both of my mom and dad thought it was a great way for me to become aware of how philanthropists work and become more knowledgable/understanding that I don’t need to be a millionaire in order to be a philanthropist. My dad, I think, sounded more enthusiastic for what lies ahead with the program than my mom, however, she did ask questions about what we are currently doing and is excited to see what I update her with in the future. Because I have an interest in the Financial field my dad saw this as a great opportunity to understand the world of mathematics a little bit better as well. All-in-all, both of my parents find Main Street Philanthropy interesting and are intrigued in what else will come from the program. Lastly, my sister found Main Street Philanthropy to be a program that is definitely fit for a class like Math Analysis.¬†She also wishes that she was able to participate in Main Street Philanthropy when she was in the class because she definitely would have been interested in learning a little bit about philanthropy.

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