Last blog

Visiting the charities was very touching. It made the issues we talked about and raised money for feel much more real.

After main street, hopefully i will do more to give back to different communities and help more people.


Over the break, there has been no update on our fundraiser. We are currently working on getting our fundraiser together in the next couple of days.

Class Phone Call

Our phone call went very well. Susan was very helpful and is willing to give us pamphlets and posters to use during our fundraisers. She liked our ideas and gave us a green light to do them. We will coordinate fundraiser days with her soon.

Second Panel Class

I thought the second panel class was very fun. I enjoyed listening to our speakers talk about their mission and i thought their mission was very similar to ours. We both want to help animals and give them a better life. After hearing from these charities, I feel a little more connected. From the beginning, my group already loved our charity but hearing from them maybe me feel closer to the organization. Other organizations were also very nice but I think that our charity is still the first choice for me. I would definitely recommend this charity to others. Their mission and what they do is truly amazing.

Panel Discussion Class

I actually enjoyed the panel class we had yesterday. I liked listening to the speakers talk about their companies and the reasons for why they came to that organization and why they stayed. It made it much more personal and easier to connect with since there is now a face to the organization.

Looking at numbers before making an investment

checking a company or charities financial information before giving them money is very important. it is good to see how they use their money so it’s not a waste when donating money to them. for charities, it is helpful to see how much of the money they receive through donations actually goes towards philanthropy. If a charity receives a lot of money but only a small portion of it goes towards helping society, then that charity might not be the rest option to donate money to.

Brown Bag Activity

The brown bag activity was very interesting. I was surprised at how hard it was for me to pick 3 items that I thought represented who I am. A lot of things that I thought about bringing in represented basic things, like what my favorite color is but I realized that I should pick something that represented something deeper and that had more meaning. When sharing my items, it forced me to be more intimate with people in class that I am not always used to sharing with. It was interesting learning about what values are important to my classmates and which values we have in common.

Team Names

Coming up with a team name forced us to work together and to come to an agreement. I think team building is very important when working with groups in order to get along and work well together. My team quickly came to an agreement on a name and it was nice for everyone to be on the same page without any arguing. I think my group will get along very well for the rest of this project.

Making A Difference In One Person’s Life

I hope that by participating in Main Street Philanthropy, we can help make someone’s life a little better. Not everyone’s life is picture perfect and many people need help. I feel that I am fortunate to have so many things in my life but some people do not even have basic necessities, like food. I think it is important for people to use their power to be able to help others and I hope this is what I will be able to accomplish through this program.