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I liked going to see the charities  in person. Especially home for good dogs since they went into more detail and they had dogs that we could play with.  I’ll  probably only remember the trip rather than anything else we learned in class. I will most likely give my time in  the future to help a charity that I’m interested in.


My group, Pause for Paws, are in the middle of finalizing are fundraiser. I believe one of our group members has spoken to a representative from Home for Good which is something positive. I think it is easier to work with the charity because they can also provide more ideas for fundraising.


I believe that the charity that we brought in (Home for good) shares the same mission and vision.  The team leader seems to be very dedicated to the organization and saving animals. I feel more connected to this organization since i heard all the work they have done, and how many dogs that they saved. No, i don’t feel connect to the other organizations, they didn’t convince me like Home for good has. I would definitely recommend them. 



I really liked the idea of the panel but I feel as if it was executed. For example, we were pushed for time and it felt as if the women that had come in were talking over each other. It felt more of a lecture rather than a discussion. Instead of making everyone stand up and present the groups, we should have been introduced in the beginning of the class and then be able to ask questions.


Its important to look at numbers before making an investment because as an investor you need to know whether or not the investment will be beneficial. I learned that my groups charity was very smart when it came to managing money and their expenses.

Research Calls

One challenge my group faced was that no one felt comfortable talking on the phone to the organization. However, we were able to overcome it by writing down what we wanted to say before calling. One thing i learned while working in groups is that its important to compromise.

Common Purpose

I think it’s very important for a group to all be on the same page. Whether it be about the purpose or mission that your team wants to advocate. Without everyone being in agreement, the group can fall apart or lose sight of their original goal. It was fairly easy coming up with the purpose and vision of our team because we all had the same interest. Everything ran very smoothly with the activity.