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Visiting the charities was really fun some more fun than others. I don’t really think i’ll remember msp so much it was a stressful process i’d like to put it behind me.


Interviewing my parents went very well i learned some new things that i didn’t know before and it was cool to have got the chance to talk to them about that.


So far fundraiser is going well. Speaking to the charity helped because it gives us an advantage of getting brochures and flyers to give to people so that they understand what and who we are raising money for.

charity phone call

The phone call went really well, Susan offered to supply us with canning buckets and flyers. Which helps us a lot to inform people about the charity. She was very helpful but she couldn’t talk for long.

Form 990

It’s good to look at the form 990 for organizations because you want to know what the organizations are spending money on and if it is worth donating to . You want to make sure they’re usuing the money in the right way .


My group decided that we would ask local businesses to donate gift cards or money. If a business gave a gift card we would do raffles to give out these gift cards. Also at my job we would leave almost like a tip jar but it would say Pause for paws on it.


I told my parents about MSP and they seemed to like the idea of it they just  wanted to know what it really had to do with math analysis but other than that they thought it was a cool class to take. I also told my boss about it she said it seems like a good class and its always good to help charities and learn how they function.

common purpose

If our team has a common purpose and we are all motivated to help the same cause we will mose likely have great results. My team (Pause for Pawz) has the same goal which makes it a lot easier to create a common goal. We all agreed on a common goal for our purpose.

Team Names

Making team names was fairly easy really we all knew what type of issue we wanted to help. So once we knew what we stood for it was easy to come up with our team name. Having an effective team is done by everyone feeling the same way about the issue. If not everyone is passionate about the issue nothing will get done.

Mad cards and brown bag

I personally didn’t like the mad card exercise really, i think we all¬† think about issue we’d love to help i don’t think we had to spend 20 minutes doing that in class. I think we could’ve just had a class discussion really. i also wasn’t here for the brown bag exercise.