last blog

I felt it was nice to go and visit the chairties

I enjoyed going to look at the birds

I think that ill rember hellping people fron the program


i think that it is likely that ill spend sum tim with charaties in the futur

Interview Quest

My english teacher, Ms.Cain

  1. Ms.Cain, Mentor of sorts
  2. I learned that I have more in common with other people than I thought. I learned that people have interesting interests. I learned that my english teacher likes old movies.
  3. It might change me by making me more empathetic towards other people


Our group has finalized what to do with the charity

our gruop has been collaberating every now and then to coordinate the charity

speaking with EarthShare did help with bringin the charity together

i feel it is good to work with our charity because it lets us better understand each other

Talk with charity

I think that the talk with our charity was very productive and it helped us to better coordinate our funraiser


1. I think that the charity that came in does support our team goal because it supports environmentalist charities

2. i feel more connected because i met representatives in person
3. no
4. I would be comfortable with it

Panel Discussion Thoughts

I was impressed by how much the people representing the panels felt about their respective causes.

Importance of protecting the environment

We should protect the environment because the environment helps keep our air and water clean. Seperate environments also house a variety of species of animals and if we destroy those ecosystems we will significantly hurt those animals.


My team plans to ask Dr.Myron for permission to have a fundraising stand during school. We believe that with the amount of foot traffic within the hallways, a stand of some sort would be an effective way to acquire funds.

Charity Challenges

Challenges that I have encountered when attempting to contact charities have been an inability to actually speak or communicate with someone from the charity.

I have learned that in order for a team to function effectively, teamwork is needed, but even without it a team can still accomplish a set goal.

A study and reflection on the Theory of Physical Predetermination

The Theory of Physical Predetermination is the belief that all events have been predestined by some cosmic force, whether divine or scientific remains to be determined. It argues the paradox of free will, as well as the idea that any kind of omniscient god or divine entity cannot exist if the actual action of free will is also present in the same dimension or universe.