I interviewed my dad. I learned about his first job and how he chose his career path. I thought this was very interesting because I didn’t know the origin of my dad’s decisions in life until this point.

Break blog

Our group has made progress in our fundraising efforts we have setup all our ideas and are hoping to raise more money. We’ve been in contact with earth share. Paula has sent us a few print out and material we are going to be able to handout to the donaters.

Class Call

Our call went very well. We were able to discuss our plan and help get more information from Earth Share. We talked over our plan to perform on a Thursday or Friday evening at the short hills train station. WE think that there will be a lot of foot traffic and will result in a lot of donations.

panel 2

I think that both panels were very interesting. All the teams brought in very interesting people. Earth share the group that I called shared many similar ideas and ideals. This was cool because it was nice to see that someone was able to have a successful charity on something that I think is important. I’d feel comfortable recommending them after I was able to meet a representative of the charity.

-alec stupp


It was very interesting for the people to come in and for us to be able to meet them. They both had a lot of interesting things to share with us. I was able to take a lot from the experience and am going to put that knowledge towards my own fundraising. The older lady had a really sad story which was cool to hear.

990 Form

I thought that looking into our charities 990 forms  helped us learn more about the charity as a whole. I was able to learn that this charity has a 13 rating which means it is very good at managing its finances and charity as a whole. They can raise a dollar for every 6 cents put in. We could see how the company functions and works as a whole. This was pretty could to be able to see all of this.

Substitute Work

1. A challenge I faced when making my research call was being prepared with questions for her. We called my charity as a class and were successful in getting her to visit our class. While the result was very good I could have had a few questions ready to ask about her organization in specific.

2. I have learned that everyone needs to contribute. While some of my group has been very good at being productive other group member haven’t really stepped up. I learndd that even if you are working you may have to work to get others to contribute.


Contacting Charity

Today in class we were able to call the charity that I selected. It was a cool experience because she answered and we were able to learn all about what she does and her charity as a wholeI am now going to reach out to her again to confirm a date she can come visit the class and find out more about how/why she helps others.


My group received the packet and immediately began to brainstorm different ideas and ways to raise money for charities. Our initial idea was to have a bake sale but that idea was scrapped after we realized none of us can bake. Our next and final idea is to serve drinks and possibly bought snacks at a sporting event at our school. We will purchase cups,plates,napkins, drinks, and snacks and then sell them before during and after the game. We will first need to clear this idea with our principle. Then find a date of a sporting event we could do this on. And lastly purchase or see if some stores are willing to donate to our charity event.

3 People

I told my family about MSP and what were trying to accomplish in class. My mom and dad were very interested in what Im going to be doing and how my fundraising will go. On the other hand my sister was very doubtful that Ill be able to raise any money at all. But after explaining to her the process and ideas my group has come up with she began to realize that its very possible and for a good cause.