I think visiting the charities was a good chance to see the facial expressions of the members of the organization because, they seemed happy. I’m glad we were able to raise money for different charities. Also, the most memorable experience was to tour the facilities of the organization and to actually see what they do.

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Visiting the charities was very surreal and to see how enthusiastic the volunteers were was really cool. Seeing how things worked was also very cool and to play with dogs was also a plus. What I will remember the most is the stories the home for good dogs told us about what happens down south. I’ll remember blogging I guess, although I hated it i’ll remember it. Yes, I am more likely to donate my time.

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Visiting the charities was really fun some more fun than others. I don’t really think i’ll remember msp so much it was a stressful process i’d like to put it behind me.

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Visiting the charities was very touching. It made the issues we talked about and raised money for feel much more real.

After main street, hopefully i will do more to give back to different communities and help more people.

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I liked going to see the charities  in person. Especially home for good dogs since they went into more detail and they had dogs that we could play with.  I’ll  probably only remember the trip rather than anything else we learned in class. I will most likely give my time in  the future to help a charity that I’m interested in.

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I felt it was nice to go and visit the chairties

I enjoyed going to look at the birds

I think that ill rember hellping people fron the program


i think that it is likely that ill spend sum tim with charaties in the futur


Interviewing my parents went very well i learned some new things that i didn’t know before and it was cool to have got the chance to talk to them about that.


The person I chose to interview was my dad. During the interview I learned some new things that I deem important. My dad talked about hard work and how someone could have so much going for them but be lazy, so in the end it means nothing. Hard work is one of the most important things and people undermine or estimate its importance. When shopping for a winter jacket or even just with friends, quality always trumps quantity, the same goes for organizations. No matter how much you have of a certain thing, it will not have any value if the quality is not the best. Even if there are sacrifices needed to get a good product, friend, or charity, it will be worth it all. Lastly, my dad talked about giving back and how important it really is to give. I have always known donating money or time was important, but even giving back to friends or peers around me is key. By the end of the interview, I had a better understanding of my father. Money has never meant anything to my dad, he holds family and friends before any materialistic object which I believe is important. I also learned that my dad gives back more than I thought. I always knew he gave back to the community but I never knew the lengths he’d gone or how many charities he’s help. I don’t really think I was changed by the interview, but I do think I learned a few things about my dad and money.

I interviewed my mom and I learned about how she spent and saved money when she was my age for the most part. She told me some tricks she did that worked and how sometimes she was careless with her money sometimes as well. It changed be in the way that it gave me more insight to who she was when she was my age and how she spent her money and saved it. It was also a different time back then and everything was cheaper and there were less regulations in banks and that kind of stuff.


I interviewed my dad. I learned about his first job and how he chose his career path. I thought this was very interesting because I didn’t know the origin of my dad’s decisions in life until this point.