Blog 2/7/16

How did it make you feel to visit the charities you selected, to see their operation, and to deliver grant checks in person? What sticks out in your mind about that experience and what will you remember most?
* What part of the Main Street Philanthropy experience do you think you’ll remember most? Do you think you’re more likely to give of your time and resources in the future?

How did i feel? I felt like i was actaully help out a cause. Like i was actualy there helping them with operstions, but not actually. What sticks out is when we arrived, Chris and his assistant was out there in the cold, patiently waiting for our arrival.

The only thing i will remember is that the day we made our team. From there we actually connected with other people in our class that we normally dont talk to. It was a chnage or the first time in a while that i wasnt ready for.

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