Deep Thoughts, by Dewey Finn

As the wise sage, Dewey Finn, once said, “Math is a wonderful thing . . . Math is a really cool thing.” I’m not really sure what that means, but it sounds good, and who can argue with Dewey? He took a bunch of kids, and at least for one day, turned them into Heroes!

Nobody is quite sure what Dewey is doing, these days, but he’d be proud to know that you are going to work just as hard, and just as long, and you are going to sweat, and toil, and dig deep, and then you are going to rejoice at the work you’ve done and how it’s made you feel. That is the nature of philanthropy, the art of “loving people,” as our newest sage, Yale Levey, recently shared with us. Yale is going to walk us all through this process, and we’ll all be sharing our reactions and thoughts through this blog. So, get ready — we’re about to start!

See you around campus!

Mr. B

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