Blog Post

Our group Drew C, Karan S, Ryan D, and me choose to do a coin drive to help out those in need in our choice of Jane’s charity. We each plan on saving up 50$ each from the coin drive and have 200$ all in total. Our group has been in contact with Jane and her charity and we keep her up to date as to what we do. It was great meeting up with the charities to talk to them and see the represenatives and to see what they do for a living. I personally believe it is better to work in groups for this charity because we all together can make a little change for this charity and help those in need that will need it. It brigs us all together to support these causes that occur in the word and one small step is a huge step for humanity or those who need it…. something like that.

charity panel discussion

I had alot of fun meeting 3 diffirent people who are apart of the charity panel discussion. There were lots of questions being thrown everywhere and the charities had a fun tim explaining them and I was very intrested to hear what they had said about their charity.

990 Analysis

When I heard we were doing tax returns i thought it was going to be hard but when we were instructed by Yale Levy everything was very simple and a lot of fun.

Blog post 11/21

One challenge we faced is return calls because we dont know if the charities will call us back.

One thing ive learned about working in teams is that we have to get along regarding if we like our teammates.

Blog #3

What we did in the third exercise was we came up with a group name and a topic for our group. I’m in a group with Ryan Dana, Drew Cohn, and Karan Seth. We decided to choose Altheimers as our topic because we believe that it would make a change to donate to this group or charity and help people research deeper into the field and hopefully in the future find a cure for it.

What i learned about the MAD cards was that I cared more about people and animals rather than my housing, or my wealth or etc. I believe this is because Ive always cared about the elderly like the grandparents for example and for my parents. In the second activity the brown bag experiment it was fun and funny at the same time because you dont know who brought what and what the story behind the object was funny.