Final Blog

1,) I felt compassionate. delivering their check fellt fulfilling. The experience was fun.
I will remember the field trips. I already was likely to give my time and resources to places I thought need it.

We made more money for the fundraiser.WE have been raising money progressively through out the week nd have managed to increase the amount we have. WE have drawn the winner for the baked goods basket. We have to count our total amount. But yeah this pretty much concludes our fundraising efforts.

Panel Class

This class was informative because we got more info into more charities. We asked them questions which they answered well and I feel we know more about them now. I enjoyed seeing the owl. They answered the questions well.


The panel was informative. We got to know the people working in the charities and their motives. It was interesting seeing what brought each of them to work for a non profit charity. It helped to inform us on the charities and where our fundraising money will be designated. All the charities that came in are trying to help prevalent problems.


One challenge we faced while doing the calls was communicating exactly what we needed. I learned that working in teams is never effective. However it can be helpful as well because each person can share responsibility of the work load.

Blog #3

Coming up with a team name was hard but we were eventually successful. Coming up with the named showed us a step in Philanthropy. What makes an effective team are people who are open to hearing new ideas.

Blog #2

The second class we shared three objects that had a personal value to each of us. It was informative because we got to know each other. It was also informative because we got to know how we are more similar then different, even if we are “different.” I think the point of the class was in seeing the purpose of helping other people.

Blog #1

I started of the class unsure of what Philanthropy was. Over the course of the the few clases we had with Yale I have been learning more about philanthropy. From what I understand it is a non profit charity though im not exactly sure about the specifics and how it is so. We did the MAD cards to priortize what we feel is the most important ways of giving back. While I selected three groups I felt were important. The only one I have in mind that is urgent are nonprofit to that help organizations in syrian citizens. Especially nurses and doctors there as it is an urgent situation. Honestly everyone I think should be pitching in because sooner or later the guilt is going to be on the weight of the whole world.