Final Blog

I felt more connected to the charities after we visited, and have a better understanding of what they’re about. I will most likely work with a charity in the future.

I enjoyed when Chris came in with “Winky” and introduced the Raptor Trust, I liked getting to know him and working with him for the fundraiser. I thought it was very interesting and successful. I think I am most likely to give my time and/or resources to helping a charity or fundraiser in the future.

Blog #6

One thing I was impressed with while speaking with our panel guests, was when I asked if they tend to coordinate together. I thought all their answers were very interesting, and felt I got to know each one of them pretty well enough to know what they are about and if I would like to work with them in the future.

Blog #5

1. It is important to look at numbers for making an investment, so you know exactly what you’re investing in and make sure all your money goes tot he exact place you’re investing in and that you will benefit from the investment as well.

2. When I made my call to the Raptor Trust, the woman on the other end seemed very excited about our wanting to rise money for their organization. Since they are a smaller scaled organization, they don’t really do fundraiser they just receive grants from different organizations and people. I will have to follow up eventually because I did not get a call back for information regarding if someone could come in and talk to the class.

Blog #4

I asked my father what he thought about the website and how his company saves money by using technology. He told me that his company uses computers instead of paper documents to save more files faster, and not waste money on paper stacks and files, etc. They also trade between other companies, getting those companies to pay for the costs of certain things so his company does not have to.

Blog #3

In order to have an effective team, everyone must be open-minded and able to experience new perspectives and ideas. Since everyone on the team is an individual and should be treated as one, everyone should work together to create a common goal.

Blog #2

It’s important for every team to have a common goal because in a team you must work together with the other people, to get different perspectives and thoughts on certain topics and responsibilities.

Blog #1

I thought the MAD cards were interesting, I didn’t really learn anything about myself only because I already knew the specific topics I am most passionate about.