final blog

It felt good to present the check to Laura Sudano at the Community Food Bank. I thought it was cool seeing how they function and how they were able to positively effect peoples lives. I also really enjoyed our tours of the Home For Good Dogs and The Raptor Trust. The dogs were the highlight of the whole fieldtrip!

I interviewed my father
I learned about my dad’s life growing up
I learned about what he values and he believes is important
About how he handled money throughout his life
It made me think differently of my dad and his past experiences

I was impressed with the knowledge and passion all of the people on the panel had for what they did. They all seemed like very good people who enjoy what they do and love helping people. I am excited to here what the representative from that charity we invited has to say next week!

things we brought in

I thought it was cool bringing in objects to tell people about yourselves because sometimes people don’t know what other people like unless they tell them. My partners were very helpful and worked well together. I liked sharing my things.