last blog

I think getting to meet the charities was really fun. we got more personal with the charities. We also got to see what our hard work went for. I think Main street is a very interesting program. Not very usual. I had a lot of fun, and my favorite part was giving out the fake checks, when we got to visit them.

Post Winter Break Blog

– Give an update on your fundraisers : We collected as much money as we can from stores in town to raffle off. Fundraising again on Wednesday and Thursday Hopefully.

– What are you going to do: Fundraising fro the next two days, really advertising it to people.

– are you working in collaboration with your charities: Yes. We called Karen and asked her for some ideas on how to go about the fundraiser. She was extremely helpful so we took her advice. Asked her form forms to show stores in town to donate.

– was speaking to the charity leader helpful? It was extremely beneficial to our group.

– Is it better to work in collaboration with the charities on your fundraisers, and if so, why? Yes because without her we couldn’t have come up with the idea to raffle off gift cards.

Panel 2

Having heard from our charities and having them come in, I do feel more connected. I feel like now I can get in contact with them more easily, and I got to hear personal experiences. With this being said, the panel made it easier for us to ask questions one on one, and it game us a first hand view of how our charity works. I now feel a lot better about supporting our charity.

Panel 1st

I think the panel over all was fun and Interesting. There was nothing surprising due to the fact most of the questions could be answered by just looking at their website. Apart from that, it was nice to see a representative in person, and get a feel for what they do and what they like about their charities.

Blog 6

We came up with three main ideas for fundraising. 1)A type of a talent show where viewers would pay $5 entry fee 2)Bake sale during after school hours 3)Christmas candy grams(but with baked goods instead). All of these events would have to be organized through the school. In order for some of these or all of these to be successful, we would need to do some planning. Some of the first steps would be getting the schools approval, setting up dates and costs for everything to get done correctly, and most importantly spreading the message about certain fundraiser by word of mouth, posters, announcements during homeroom, or even reaching students through Facebook class chats.

5th Blog(3 ppl)

These were the main points I explained to my family and friends about the program:
“For high schools, meet for 10 weeks 1 a week. Raise money and train us to be philanthropists. . Teaches life business and financial literacy through giving. Identify causes in groups, so we communicate.We invest the money, we don’t donate it, so we learn tax code and investment principles.Main street Philanthropy program believes We are a self oriented group of people(teens), we supposedly get fired up because we choose the cause, get in control, we want to do something bigger. We share our experiences.NOT TRUE. Opens up deep convos and want to help and keep wanting more. We have a bigger life purpose to feel fulfilled.”

Collected answers:

Abbie: “In order to make the class effective, you need more than ten weeks to effectively learn the background info on how to form a philanthropic group. Should learn about topics first, then apply those skills and finally donate/invest.

Tutor Christian: Don’t understand the function of doing this as seniors since we’re going to be going out into the world soon. It would be more practical to learn how to file for taxes, how to start business and real world applications of math considering we don’t have that much time. Believes we don’t have to learn such life skills through donating. We can donate whenever we want to, but we have a limited amount of time to learn about lots of important math life skills before going to college.

Mom: It is a nice way to teach kids(young adults) important life skills. A little confused about what exactly were going to be doing for ten weeks. More like,”Why does it take ten whole weeks to simply invest in a charity?” Over all likes the idea.

4th Blog

Its important for our team to have a common purpose so that were engaged in our work. If were doing something we don’t like, we might not have as much enthusiasm. By working together on something we all like, our team becomes more efficient. We chose our group name “Friendship on fire,” because it shows what our main goal is, to help those in need after a natural disaster. We also had a lot of trouble creating our name, it looks easier than it actually is.

3rd Blog

Coming up with team names was harder than I thought it would be. The first step we took into making our team name, was deciding what all four of us had in common. Not everyone had the same exact things, but similar enough to decide what areas to focus on. We ended up deciding that we would focus on education, and natural disaster charities. A combination of both would be a charity that focuses on educating people how to safely handle a natural disaster or how to go about it afterwards. Another example would be a charity that could rebuild schools after a natural disaster. Both these examples are a combination of charity and environment. Our team name came to be “Educate The Helpless”. I believe that in order to have a good team, members must work together and have the same intrests. This makes us more engaged in our work, and it furthers our effective and positive outcome.

2nd Blog

We were told that for this class we had to bring in three ítems that dezcribed who we were. I brought in a glue stick, a medical wrap, and a picture of my Friends. I quickly learned that one of the people in my group had also brought in an ítem to describe their artistic side. Apart from that, there werent Manny new things i learned about my team mates, consedering i aleady knew most of the facts about their personalities. I think the best fact and intresting fact i learned was that one of my teammates likes to thread. It was by far the most unexpected thing.Over all i liked the activity, i thought it was fun, and a way to learn things bout eachother that you wouldnt do on a day to day basis.

1st Blog

When Yale told us what we were going to be doing in class with the cards, i was a bit confused. We were told that with these MAD cards, we would learn something new about ourselves that would somewhat describe our personality. As i slowly and carefully picked away my cards, i was left with my top three. Arts, natural destruction and medicine. I wasn’t very surprised that arts would be my number one choice considering i am a very artistic individual. Secondly i picked natural disaster, this was by far the most surprising. I Have never really been that much into nature, but if i could help out other with the devastating disasters that come from nature, i believe it would truly fulfill some of my happiness. Lastly, medicine was my third choice. I want to go into the medical field in the future, so i believe that that was my best choice for a MAD card.

By using the Mad cards i also learned some new things about my partner, Joe. All of his cards had something to do with animals and nature, it all tied together in a way. One that likes the outdoors, normally also likes animals. I think that the cards were kinda fun, and i definitely think that they can be a reflection of one’s personality.