Ms Landis.

1) cares about her students

2) hard working

3) made me a harder worker and care more about school and my grades.


We know the amount we all need to be raising.

Yes it has.

Yes we know where the money is going.

Yes, learn more about why you are rising the money.

I liked calling Jane because now I really have an amount set to which I want to raise and I also know the date and what I will be raising the money towards.


1. No charity attended.
2. My charity person was sick
3. I liked the Food Banks a lot and feel strongly towards that
4. Yes they seem like they were very into coming to see us and are very passionate about their charity.


Thought it was interesting that the woman was the only full time worker and all the others were just part time.

It is important because than you know where all the money is going and what the ratios are.

My organization was very good and successful.

We experienced greatness because we finally got someone to come in.