My reaction towards my group name

My group and I had a great time looking for our group name this is because we all had the same choice to help in Alzheimer. It is a very bad disease it can cause a lot of harm towards a person who is suffering from it and their family. I would just like to help them out what is in my control and in my groups.

My reaction towards MAD cards

I had a great time working on my MAD cards. This is because I got to know what I was interested in and how would I do them. There was wide range of choices. It was very hard to choose to what to do. I feel like it was that there were so many choices that caused me to think twice in order to figure out what I really wanted to do. But, then I figured out that I am highly interested in Animal care. This is very important to me. I love animals and they are just like humans. But, the only bad part is that they cannot talk and have feelings which is very important.

What I learned today in class?

To be honest I had a great time working with my partners. Learning about them what three things do they like the most. Most of all one my partners had the same item as me. Which was a watch. It was amazing how we had the same thing but different purposes with the same exact item. All I could say that is how people are different and by each thing we get to learn something new about them each day. I was very excited just to learn about my classmates what was something special that they had.