My Charity Reflection

That experience made me think that working for charity is one of the most honorable jobs to work for. These people keep those in desperate need protected to the best of their abilities. What stuck out in my mind was that it changed my point of view on life, and that there are so many things that every man should do to save these societies or creatures. I enjoyed the experience with the raptor trust most, because they taught us some very interesting facts about birds. Although I feel the most pity for the dogs, I would definitely support the Raptor Trust because my dream is to be a conservationist. This experience, was the most life changing trip I have ever taken in school.

Fundraiser udpate

We still have not made any money from our family or teachers. Although we have stayed in touch with our charity to ask questions about what they need from us, which is money for their microscopes to study bird health. Speaking to Chris Solcy has helped us understand what they need from us. We should continue to work in collaboration with the charity since they have given us a good understanding of their organization and what our role is in the process.

Investment numbers

You check the numbers so you know how much money you are losing or earning and whether it is worth it. I learned nothing unfortunately about the organizations tax returns.

Challenges in teamwork

Asking what you are doing, making sure they actually hear you, especially when they are talking or working is a challenge I learned.


Not being nervous. It is eerie to make calls for a class.

Team Cabela’s

I loved building a team because they agreed that it would be Team Cabela’s. We called it that because Cabela’s is very outdoor-focused, and that is part of being environmentally responsible and being supportive of animal rights. Cabela’s even donates to Veterans, which is also something important.

Opinion on recent activities

The Mad card exercise was fun and I did not find it difficult, even though you have to chose which group you want to support the most. The Brown Bag experience was fun because I got to get people to know me better.