year overview

Seeing the charities in action was a different experience and an enjoyable one too. If there was another class trip I would go again but i wouldn’t go on my own. Giving the charities the check made me feel good. It was fun raising the money for my charity


During the panel I noticed many things, but the thing that suck with me was how enthusiastic they were for their cause. They all loved what they did and gave many reasons why they keep doing what they are doing.

tex returns

Looking at a company’s numbers is very important because you can see what they do with all their money they get. I researched The Community Food Bank of New Jersey, and i learned they are a very trust worthy organization. They spend their money well and use it for good. When making the calls to our charities I found out how easy it is to contact a big name charity like ours.

mad cards

The mad cards activity was very difficult for me because there were many cards that i cared about. Putting down to 5 cards was hard but putting down to 3 was even harder. I felt guilty at times, but i am proud of my card selections.

paper bag

I learned many new things about my classmates because of the brown bag activity. I found out what is most important to them in their lives. I thought it was interesting because we had similar mad cards but different things in our brown bag.