Final Blog

We didn’t visit the charity that I was donating to. Other people seemed to like giving the checks though. What I’ll remember most is how bad of a headache I had while I was there and the time I sat in the bus with Q. From the entirety of the experience, I think I’ll remember the group that I was in. I think that I will likely donate to charities in which I actually support the cause, as opposed to something that I am less passionate about. Thanks, bye.


I interviewed my mom, and learned that she was sick a lot as a kid, which inspired her to become a nurse later in life. I also learned that she spent a lot of time working as a young adult and prefers to save her money. This interview was interesting to me because I don’t usually her about my moms life before college.


My group has already fundraised, and we are having another one today so that we can earn more money for the Red Cross. We are selling $4 raffle tickets where people have the chance to win gift cards to stores in town. Talking to the charity leader about our fundraiser was helpful because she gave ideas about what to raffle off. It would most likely be beneficial to work directly with the charity, but my group is not doing that.

Panel 1

I was absent the day of the first panel, but I hear that it was interesting. I’ll probably be there for the next one. For the next one, a person that my group invited is coming.

Numbers and Charities

It’s important to look at the numbers on an organization’s tax forms because then it is easier to see if you like what they are doing with their money. Making phone calls made me anxious. I didn’t do much talking, but I found it to be an unnecessary stressor. I don’t think many people like talking to others that they are unfamiliar with.

Team names

Coming up with a team name was kind of a long process, but we eventually got it done. My team had a hard time agreeing on a name because our purpose was unclear for most of the class period. After deciding what our purpose was, it was easier to agree on a name. I believe that an effective team is made up of a group of driven individuals who are all working towards a common goal.

Cards + Brown Bag Exercise

I found that choosing the cards was pretty easy for me because there are certain things that I care about most and seem to make more sense in my mind than other things. I stuck to the cards that would directly address the people that are like me and around me. I found the brown bag exercise to be easy as well. The hardest part about it was choosing travel sized items to bring. It was interesting to share the things that I brought and to hear about the things that other people like and care about.