final blog

Visiting the charitys really gave me a different view on life. One thing that sticks in y mind after visiting those charity was feeling a scene of refreshment in doing good. The thing I remember most about mainstream was katlin always talking back to Yale. I think my future will possibly consist of some more philanthropy and giving back to the community in the future.

Update on fundrazer

for my fundraiser i am planning on talking with my group and seeing where or what I need to do. I believe each week the group leader should dish out the work-loads so I am waiting for what I need to do. in the mean time I have contacted our charity so that we don’t lose connection with them and also bonded stronger with them so we grow closer as a team. We are not working in collaborations with other chairs, at least up until this point, but as of now we have started to gain more trust and experience with our own charity. Speaking to the charity leader gave a better understanding about what the charity mission is. I believe it is better to work in collaboration, but I do not know what it is like to because we have not expanded yet.

Blog 4 pan3ls

I thought that the charity that came in really gave some good information about itself as a charity and also elabirated more on our teams mission/vision. I feel that I already know what the charitys poupose was about and what they stood for, also considering that I helped out with soup kitchens for my church for my confornmation it also gave me a better understandings about charitys. The other charity was very intresting, especially considerning that the guest brought in his own owl that had been through a unfortunate event. I would be comftable now recommending them to another person, because I know more about that specific charity.

pannel discussion blog

There were a few things that I impressed with when the people from the charitys came in to speak. First off I was actully impressed that they actually even came without Yale pruswading them. All the panalist had informatif information to give, which was enlightend me in more ways about each and every one of the charitys. Each persion for the pannel had diffrent imput for each question which gave a diverse yet intreging descution for the entire period. I belive that having physical interaction like that really helped and made the mainstreet philanthroipy experince so much better.

charity blog

It is important to look at the numbers before you invest in a specific charity because people need to see if the charity is stable. In this I mean the numbers and finacial standpoint of the charity. If a charity has a score of 10 it is showing a stable standpoint of finacial states. And if a charity has a score of 14 it is very stable in its showing very strong stablity. I learned that tax retunrns are not that confussion as they are made out to be. My experince as I am making the reascher calls is to keep building off what I did oppose to the prior phone calls that I had made to the charitys. In calling the cahritys it alows me to contact the outside world and expand of basic math skills.

talking to people about mainstreet

I went home to my parents and told my parents about mainstream philanthropy. My parents thought that mainstream philantopy was an extremely innovative part of math analysis. I also told my sister Vivian about the mainsheet. She was somewhat confused on what it was all about till I explained it to her and then she thought it was interesting. Nothing in the conversation really stood out, but there seemed interested in what we are learning in Mainsteet.

team goals

It is important for every team to have a common pourpose/goals because then every team member is more likely to be on the same page as each other. If each team member has the same idea of whats going on, so that the colabrtave work is smoother. It is also important for a team to have a specific pourpose because the main point of a team is to achive a common goal. Our team specificly, we go about creating the goals of feeding the hungrey. We also somwwhat involve ourselfs with the quality of the beaches. Though are team has diffrent tasks at times, overall are main goals are similar.

class exercises

I had a various reaction to the mad card exercise. I like that we slimed down all our of our options into the things that ended up being the most important to us. Also that led us to be paired into groups based upon the things that we valued the most. Also the bag exercise helped get to understand each other in diffrent ways, on a more personal level. Theses exercises helped better understand everyone in our group.