Interview Results

I interviewed my Best friend Cassidy. I learned that she supports animals and wants to help them.
She’s multiracial and racism is an issue she would like to fix because she has personally experienced this and seen many people get affected by it. I learned that she thinks believes people at a young age should learn to give and share what they have. The interview didn’t really change me but it made me connect more to my friend and understand what she truly cares about.


Fundraiser is going well. Today January 4th and tomorrow we are conducting the raffle tickets. We have been working with Karen, she has given us ideas how to make the fundraiser better and more effective. Speaking to her was extremely helpful because she gave us the idea to walk around local shops and collect gift certificates. I feel like it’s better cause we connect more with the charity and establish a more personal connection to the fundraiser.

reflecting on panel classes

Well I wasn’t here for both of the panel classes unfortunately so I’m going to speak based on the information I have heard from my team mates. They felt that the charity itself did accurately represent our teams purpose, mission and vision statement. The person they spoke to didn’t seem to know a lot about the charity and seemed a little bit hesitant. I haven’t heard directly from the charity so I can’t say I feel more connected, but I feel like my group has a better understanding of what this charity actually represents. Again didn’t hear any charities speak personally but I did hear there was a dog and an animal involved, and I am a huge animal lover so I’m sure I’d be willing to support those charities. I feel like the Red Cross is a good charity, it has been around for quite a while and have done a lot of good work. I think that it is a good charity to support.

990 Form

I felt that learning to analyze a 990 form was extremely helpful. You can see how the charities spend their money and you can see if you agree with the way they spend it. If you choose to donate to a charity, you can easily find their 990 form to see if the way they spend their money is ethically appropriate for you.

Team Names

It was really hard coming up with a team name that focuses on what we care about based on our MAD cards, yet making it also a clever name. It was hard to incorporate all aspects of a good team name. I think that what makes a good team is cooperation and compromises. When you work in a team you work with different people with different personalities and thought processes. This means you have to work together to compromise to satisfy everyone or most people in your team. Cooperation and working to everyones strengths makes a good team. Being friendly, patient and respectful is key.

First Class

On Thursday, we used MAD cards to prioritize what issues matters to us the most. All the issues on the cards are present today in the world, and all of them affects a large group of people. Out of the 20 cards we were assigned to take away 14 cards that didn’t matter to us the most. This was extremely difficult. All those issues create problems for people and should be addressed. We had 6 cards left, but from there we had to eliminate 3 more. I learned that it was hard for me to prioritize which problems mattered most because all of them are important. If I could help all of those problems I would, but unfortunately that isn’t possible