msp final blog

1. *Didn’t go on the trip*
2. I’ll remember connecting with the food bank and helping out with the charity. I will always remember how hard we worked to help out the charity and I will remember how well my team all worked together. In the future, I will work hard to raise money and awareness about charities.


1.I interviewed my dad
2.Three things I learned was that he volunteered at Community food bank of NJ,
He Enjoys donating to charities, and wants to fix hunger in the world
3.The interview made me more aware about the problems in this world


1. We finalized our online food drive
2. We have been working in collaboration with our charity
3. Speaking to the charity was helpful
4. I believe working in collaboration with the charity is best because it is very helpful


We called the food bank yesterday and it went really well. We set up a time to do this. The lady was very nice over the phone and was

4 answers

1. Yes and yes
2. More connected
3. Yes
4. I would feel comfortable

december 1rst

I found their stories very interesting. I love how devoted they are to their jobs. I think they were very knowledgable and I really enjoyed their visit.


1.It is important to look at the numbers before making an investment so that you can see what kind of company you are investing in. I learned that my organization spend a lot of money on fundraisers and doesn’t get a lot of profit.
2. Many of the charities didn’t pick up the phone so we left a lot of messages and few charities called back.


One challenge my group faced was getting someone to answer the phone. One thing I learned about working with teams is that when we all work together we can a lot done.

Why does your team exist and what impact will it make?

My team exists to feed hungry people. We will make an impact on the poor people who are hungry.

What makes an effective team?

An effective team is a team where everyone has balanced roles. There has to be good communication. There has to be support and trust.