Final Blog

1,) I felt compassionate. delivering their check fellt fulfilling. The experience was fun.
I will remember the field trips. I already was likely to give my time and resources to places I thought need it.

msp final blog

1. *Didn’t go on the trip*
2. I’ll remember connecting with the food bank and helping out with the charity. I will always remember how hard we worked to help out the charity and I will remember how well my team all worked together. In the future, I will work hard to raise money and awareness about charities.

My Charity Reflection

That experience made me think that working for charity is one of the most honorable jobs to work for. These people keep those in desperate need protected to the best of their abilities. What stuck out in my mind was that it changed my point of view on life, and that there are so many things that every man should do to save these societies or creatures. I enjoyed the experience with the raptor trust most, because they taught us some very interesting facts about birds. Although I feel the most pity for the dogs, I would definitely support the Raptor Trust because my dream is to be a conservationist. This experience, was the most life changing trip I have ever taken in school.

final blog

Visiting the charities was very nice. I was able to see what everyones hard work went towards and how it would be used. It made me happy to see groups be able to give their checks to the charities. I’ll remember getting to visit the charities the most. It was pretty cool to be able to see them. IT was a very self rewarding experience.
-alec stupp

final blog

It felt good to present the check to Laura Sudano at the Community Food Bank. I thought it was cool seeing how they function and how they were able to positively effect peoples lives. I also really enjoyed our tours of the Home For Good Dogs and The Raptor Trust. The dogs were the highlight of the whole fieldtrip!

last blog

I think getting to meet the charities was really fun. we got more personal with the charities. We also got to see what our hard work went for. I think Main street is a very interesting program. Not very usual. I had a lot of fun, and my favorite part was giving out the fake checks, when we got to visit them.

year overview

Seeing the charities in action was a different experience and an enjoyable one too. If there was another class trip I would go again but i wouldn’t go on my own. Giving the charities the check made me feel good. It was fun raising the money for my charity

Final Blog

We didn’t visit the charity that I was donating to. Other people seemed to like giving the checks though. What I’ll remember most is how bad of a headache I had while I was there and the time I sat in the bus with Q. From the entirety of the experience, I think I’ll remember the group that I was in. I think that I will likely donate to charities in which I actually support the cause, as opposed to something that I am less passionate about. Thanks, bye.

Blog 2/7/16

How did it make you feel to visit the charities you selected, to see their operation, and to deliver grant checks in person? What sticks out in your mind about that experience and what will you remember most?
* What part of the Main Street Philanthropy experience do you think you’ll remember most? Do you think you’re more likely to give of your time and resources in the future?

How did i feel? I felt like i was actaully help out a cause. Like i was actualy there helping them with operstions, but not actually. What sticks out is when we arrived, Chris and his assistant was out there in the cold, patiently waiting for our arrival.

The only thing i will remember is that the day we made our team. From there we actually connected with other people in our class that we normally dont talk to. It was a chnage or the first time in a while that i wasnt ready for.

final blog

Visiting the charitys really gave me a different view on life. One thing that sticks in y mind after visiting those charity was feeling a scene of refreshment in doing good. The thing I remember most about mainstream was katlin always talking back to Yale. I think my future will possibly consist of some more philanthropy and giving back to the community in the future.