blog post 4 Reese


I believe philanthropy is an amazing thing. My view hasn’t really  changed throughout this process because I have always been a supporter of unicef. When I was 10 years old I collected 10,000 dollars from stands and signs. But I still have kept my appreciation for philanthropy throughout this project.


One thing is to never judge a book by its cover. The other thing is be happy because people are less fortunate and are happy. These both are important to me because I believe they both relate to me. I tend to judge people when I meet them but after hearing the nice man speak, I feel different about him. I also am sad sometimes but I need to realize that there are people in worse positions that are happy.


What I have learned about the fundraising process is that it’s worth it. Even though it was hard work, I felt great knowing it was for a good cause. I felt that our way of making money worked very well. I would improve by not procrastinating.


I think I will because I like to be nice to people and I like to help people get better. I also want to make Mr. Breslow like me more and think im his best student of all time. 🙂


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