Last post- Jack Gruchacz

I my view of philanthropy, I liked it because we were helping a certain cause we felt passionate about. Meeting Comander Spring was cool because he looked liked a nice guy who was very passionate about his cause. At first I excited to be involved in philanthropy but a couple months in, I lost the urge to continue working with it. I did not attend the field trip. I learned the fundraising is not that hard if you set your mind to it and follow through with your idea on how to raise money. What I would do differently, I would get my group to try and go to kings one weekend and stand there with buckets asking fellow kings customers for some change that would go to veterans. Right now I do not see myself fundraising till mid April, when the lacrosse team stands infront on kings to can for money that pays our coaches. I do not see myself getting involved in philanthropical efforts for a while or till I’m older. I do not have enough time to balance college and philanthropy.

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