Final Blog Post Math Analysis

I found philanthropy really interesting, while learning about it because it gave me a sense of how I could improve the working lives of others. I also found it fascinating the amount of time people will give you, by just showing them a small sense of interests in what they do and who they are.

Question #2 I can not answer because I did not go on the field trip.

I have learned that if you truly try to get your message out to the public and your detailed in what your promoting for, more often than not people respond in a very optimistic manner. I realized this when raising money outside of Kings grocery store, which I found to work really well because people were very interested about Jazz House Kids, and thought it was a great thing we were doing. This eventually translated into numerous donations from people. I would have made a more detailed sign for the fundraising, so people had a better sense of what it was, without asking us.

I could possibly see myself getting into the philanthropical efforts because I enjoy helping people and promoting welfare for others. Therefore, I found this whole experience quite interesting and is definitely something I would take into consideration for the future.

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