From the start of this unit, I thought it was really nice that we were being given the opportunity to give back to our community in whatever way we wanted. I’d already been familiar with volunteer work as I’d been a teen mentor my past 4 years at Millburn High School and I’d loved every second of it. From the start, I knew that philanthropy would mean more to me than a good grade. I think non profit work is one of the last good things humans have left because its something we do out of the kindness of our hearts, for others without expecting anything in return. What you do get in return, is the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made someone’s life a little easier in one way or another. I learned that the fundraising process is a lot harder than I realized. It requires long term planning, and it’s not something you can just figure out overnight.  I definitely plan on continuing my work with non profits during my next four years at Drew University, in their Civic Engagement Program. The program they offer at Drew will inhibit me to continue making a difference in the world through volunteer work alongside other students who have the same passion for helping others as much as I do. I look forward to whatever lessons Mr. B will teach us in the second semester and how those lessons may also transcend the classroom.

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