Alex Final Blog Post

  1. I wish I could reflect on this unit and say that my perceptions of charity and philanthropy have been wildly altered, and that I now have this profound appreciate for the joy of giving back to others. But the truth is, I’m a pretty self centered person, and my credo has long been to take care of myself before others, with family being the exception. Maybe that’s not the best way to go through life, but it’s gotten me this far. So I feel more or less exactly the same on the matter: it’s important, but there are plenty of people with more money and more time than me to do it.
  2. I did not attend the field trip, so I take it I am exempt from answering this question.
  3. Well, we raised $65 from canning outside a supermarket for a few hours, so it’s a bit easier than expected to raise some money for a good cause, albeit one that’s arguably less important than say, child cancer research. In the future, I reckon it would be wise to use social media and the internet to my advantage, making a GoFundMe page as well and promoting it on social media to receive even more donations.
  4. At the moment I feel wildly unqualified answering this question, as my worldview seems to change as frequently as my hairstyles, but I could see a future in which I support some cause(s) in one way or another. That would likely be in the form of non monetary promotion, but who knows? Maybe there’ll be a huge market for cripplingly sad folk-jazz-punk-afrocuban-noise music one day.

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