Post 4

Describe your overall reaction to our panel discussions, focusing on:
a) What impressed you the most?

I was most impressed by the passion that I saw from the reps that came to out class.

b) What surprised you?

I was most surprised by the reported margins of some of the people who came in such as Commander Spring who said all he gets is his travel expenses paid for.
c) What do you want to learn more about?

I got to learn more about AmVets as an organization. I specifically learned that they facilitate the assistance of Vets in all aspects of life. Also that they accept almost all vets.
d) How do you see yourself getting involved?

I see myself getting invlolved by fundraising and eventually investing our fundraising into AmVets.
e) Did the discussion help to confirm that you chose a solid charity? Why or why not?

I think that the panel helped us in understanding AmVets but it most definitely did not close our options down. The real test comes as we look into financials and credibility along with public relations records and such.

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