Blog post #4 . Jack Gruchacz

After having the panel, what impressed me the most was the how much passion each person who came in had. What surprised me was how much commintiment each person had in their organization. I would like to learn more about Jazz House Kids because I thought she was the most interesting panelest. I see myself getting involved by visiting their office and helping out. Yes it did help confirm the charity we chose was solid and we could continue to support them in the future.

post #3

I feel satisfied with the charities my group has decided on supporting. We have one charity coming to our class on December 11th. The phone calls were alright. Most the time we were talking to machines and did not talk to real people which was annoying.

Blog post#2

I liked the brown bag exercise. It was interesting seeing what other classmates brought to school to what was important or meant something specail to them. I discovered that I use my phone a lot and should cut down on the use a tad bit. We did this activity to see what represents or is important to us and we can use this to help find a non-profit to research.

Blog Post #1 Jack Gruchacz

After using the MAD cards that I releazed that I care a lot about veterans and do not do much to help them. I also realized that I have a strong connection to the Disaster prevention. A couple years ago hurricane Sandy hit and many houses where my beach house wis located were washed away. If only they were as prepared as my family. After hearing my classmates I realized it was about politics or at least from two students.