Blog Post 4

What impressed me the most in the panel discussions was how passionate the representatives of the charities were. What surprised me was how many people were actually willing to come to the high school just to teach us about their charities even though there was not guarantee they would be getting the fundraiser money. I want to learn more about the special olympics because I originally thought it was just for kids with disabilities, but the representative mentioned how it’s for more than just the kids. I plan on getting involved by having a fundraiser to help my cause. The discussion did help to confirm that my group and I chose a solid charity because the representative for the Elizabeth Coalition seemed to enjoy teaching us about her cause and she seemed to enjoy working for the Elizabeth Coalition which leads me to believe that it’s a great and helpful charity.

Blog Post 3

My group decided to focus on children’s needs. I feel we made a good choice on the issue we chose to help because kids sometimes don’t have the voice they need to speak up for themselves, or don’t have people to advocate for them. The phone calls were good because they put our causes out there and let the charities know that we’re interested and we want to help the cause as well

Blog Post 2

I liked the brown bag exercise, it was easy to do and it helped me learn more about myself and my peers. What I learned about myself was how the important things in my life were such small items, but meant so much to me. I think we did this activity to learn about ourselves and the other people in our class.

Blog Post 1

I felt that my experience with the MAD cards was good but a little stressful deciding between all the different charities. The three that I chose were Children and Youth Services, Family Services, and Emergency and Disaster Relief. What I learned about myself was how much family means to me. What I learned about others was what was important to them and what change they wanted to see in the world. In this unit I hope to gain experience about what life is like outside of the millburn bubble.