Blog Post #4 – Celeste Cotto

What impressed me the most was how passionate the people were about the organizations they worked for. What surprised me the most was how much they all had to say. I would like to learn more about what exactly my organization did. I can see myself donating or maybe participating in a walk in the future if they have one. This discussion made me think that we could stick with this organization and that we chose a solid charity.

Blog Post #3 Celeste Cotto

I feel that my group did a great job choosing our charities and that they relate pretty well to our social cause. When my group was making the calls I was nervous even when I wasn’t the one on the phone actually making the call.

Blog Post #2 – Celeste Cotto

My initial reaction to the brown paper bag exercise was that it was going to be interesting and fun. What I learned about my self was that 2 out of three of my objects were about my future and what I wanted to do and what/where I wanted to be later on in life. I think we did this exercise to find out more about ourselves and what is important to us so it can help us find a non profit that we care about.

Blog Post #1 – Celeste Cotto

I think using the MAD cards were useful, but it wound up being a lot harder than I thought to choose the final three cards. From my last three choices, I learned that I’m more drawn towards helping families. In the end, I hope that I can actually help a family/person.