Blog Post 2

I really liked the brown bag activity. I feel like it went really well, and gave people the opportunity to share things about themselves that some people do not know, as well as giving the students a way to express themselves in a pretty simple way. From the activity, I learned that my life revolves a lot around lacrosse, but I kind of already knew this. Overall, I feel like the activity was a success.

Josh Blog 1

I really liked using the MAD cards. It was easier for me to pick the causes that I wanted to help make a difference for because the back of the card explained the different things in each organization. The cards also clearly showed what a person would be donating to if they chose to donate money. For example, I will use the Veterans and Service card. Instead of just knowing the general cause a person is donating to, it lets them see specifically. The back of this card said PTSD, Affordable Living, and others. I was able to see what I would help with when donating.