Final Blog Post

1)I think that before this experience I was aware of the immense importance of charity and philanthropy in our society. I feel that more than anything this project has helped reinforce my already established beliefs on the process of fundraising for charitable organizations.

3) I have learned that the fundraising process is a lot more difficult than most people realize. Considering how busy people are during the day it is very hard to be able to run an effective fundraiser in your free time. Also I learned that fundraising includes a large donation of personal time as well as money from the people running the fundraiser.

4)I think that depending on my personal situation further on in life the prospect of philanthropic efforts can decrease or increase. I do believe that I could and should have a role in some type of charitable effort later on in my life.

Blog 4

Organization: The Elizabeth Coalition

I was impressed by how the organization essentially runs off of a handful of employees and volunteers. I was surprised when I found out that this organization was founded because of the budget cuts of the Reagan administration. I want to learn more about the extent to which they help the people that they help; We never got a clear definition of all of all the aspects that they assist others in. I see myself getting involved by trying my absolute hardest to raise as much money for this cause. I think that this may not have been the best charity for my group because the Elizabeth Coalition focuses on all people who are homeless while we are more focused on helping children specifically.

Blog #3

I feel like my group chose the right charity because I truly believe that the actions that this charity takes are in line with our mission statement and beliefs. The Elizabeth Coalition displays its actions towards bettering the lives of children by building homes for the needy, and in a lot of cases children. I think that the cold calls went very well because not only were we able to get someone to come in, but we also needed to make an initial call, leave a message, and follow up. This process not only taught us how to communicate with professionals, but also taught us the valuable skill of following up a call to someone who likely would not have called back.

Blog Post 2

I liked the brown paper bag exercise because it was a simple way for people to express a lot about themselves. I discovered that in my life the things that I do not think much of, but use a lot are the things that I feel have effected me the most. I think that we did this activity because it is important for everyone to understand the significance of things that we often take for granted.

Blog Post 1

The MAD cards were an interesting experience for me because it demonstrated just how many people in the world need help with their everyday lives. It also taught me the equally valuable lesson that there are only so many resources and it is important to prioritize the charities that are most important. The aspect of myself that I discovered was my priority for the most widespread problems in the world rather than those that do not effect as many people. With my experience in main street philanthropy I hope to discover what is effecting the world negatively and how I can take an active role in bettering the lives of others.