philanthropy overall view/ last blog post

  1. My thoughts on philanthropy now are a lot better then before, I understand the meaning of it more and it does not hurt to help others and raise money.

2. I will always remember to thank my parents for what they have given me and always be willing to donate to others.

3. When fundraising i feel that a lot more people then i thought were willing to donate. There are more generous people in this world then i thought.

4. Yes if it comes up again I would most likely do it again and help out others.

blog post 4

This project went a lot better then expected, the discussions were very good. I learned more then i already known and it helped us out with deciding whether we want to fundraise for this organization or not. I would want to learn more about how and who goes to the jazz house kids  place. other then that i want to fundraise for them, it sounded like a very nice place.

Phone calls

I believe that this was helpful to me because it not only helps my social skills but i also get to try and help other charities out by reaching out to them. If all goes well we could get them to come into class and talk more about what they do and give us more information on what they do and what they would like us to help them with. Possibly raise money for them throughout various fundraisers.

Paper Bag

I have discovered what mainly makes myself who I am. It is similar to what I have chosen for my 3 cards in last weeks assignment. I feel that this fits with philanthropy because it shows our values on life.

Values and Concerns

My  top 3 were Religious and Spiritual Organization, Environmental Protection, and Elder Care. I felt pretty good going through this exercise it was not that difficult for me to narrow it down to my last 3. Most of the cards i just had not much interest in, there were only about 4 or 5 that i had a solid interest in but it was not difficult to narrow them down to 3. I was not that surprised at the end result, i just chose what i enjoy or would like to hop out with, in the end it was a fun exercise.