Post 4

Describe your overall reaction to our panel discussions, focusing on:
a) What impressed you the most?

I was most impressed by the passion that I saw from the reps that came to out class.

b) What surprised you?

I was most surprised by the reported margins of some of the people who came in such as Commander Spring who said all he gets is his travel expenses paid for.
c) What do you want to learn more about?

I got to learn more about AmVets as an organization. I specifically learned that they facilitate the assistance of Vets in all aspects of life. Also that they accept almost all vets.
d) How do you see yourself getting involved?

I see myself getting invlolved by fundraising and eventually investing our fundraising into AmVets.
e) Did the discussion help to confirm that you chose a solid charity? Why or why not?

I think that the panel helped us in understanding AmVets but it most definitely did not close our options down. The real test comes as we look into financials and credibility along with public relations records and such.

Third Blog Post

I feel quite content and even excited going into this panel discussion, I am confident in my groups choice in charities and I know that they perfectly portray our groups ideals and goals. I think AmVets is a great organization and I am excited to talk to their delegate and the others who will also be attending. I am mostly looking forward to question the AmVets representative and get a lot more information regarding their cause and how they will use our possible investment.


As for cold calls I truly did enjoy them, they are a great way to get your groups ideas out and get in contact with organizations. They are better than emails because a real person on the phone is a lot better than an email. I got to make a couple of calls and they ended up not going all too well because I got two voicemails and only one real call which did not end in them coming in. But overall I think it’s a great way just to get calling and talking to people.

Blog Post 2, Brown Paper Bag and more!

I actually missed the main paper bag day but from what I saw people brought in some pretty interesting objects that allowed me to have a deeper look into people. I was quite happy with my own personal presentation of food, religion, and education. I was quite surprised to see how many people brought in cellphones because I do not think that should define or be such a large part of peoples lives. I discovered that I value quite simple values.



Blog Post 1, MAD cards and expectations

For our first MSP activity we searched through charity cards in which we had to find 6 of our favorite and then cut the 6 down to 3. Throughout the whole activity I found that charity causes that help veterans was my overall top choice followed by medical research and then people with mental and physical disabilities. These were all causes that I could easily identify with and get behind.

As for my expectations for this project we are undertaking I look to raise money for a cause that I love, veterans. I would like to visit the charity that I chose in the end. I am excited to work to help others and feel great about doing it.

I expected to have veterans as my top choice and the others were also thing I care about a lot.