Blog #4

KJCS group got the Alzheimer’s association to come to the panel on Monday. I was impressed that they had a somewhat personal connection to the charities they were part of. I really wanted to learn more about their income and more ways they raise money. The conversation of all the charities in panel gave me idea of their first steps and their success in their hard work being in the charity. The women from Alzheimer’s association made me excited in their work and future upcoming money raising process and listing to their story.

Blog Post 3

I think that our group was successful in finding a charity that had the same cause as ours. Making phone calls was the scariest thing at first but when you make a first phone call it starts to seem easy and you will feel confident to do the next phone call. After many unsuccessful attempts and leaving voicemails with no contact in return, we were able to get to contact with people in Elizabeth Coalition to come and talk to us about their cause and their charity. This week was a unique and challenging week in terms of making phone calls and not stopping until we got someone to be interested to come and talk to us.

Blog Post #2

I really enjoyed the brown paper bag exercise and felt more comfortable sharing my relationship with my culture and how I respect it. The statue that I go gifted from my country resemble my country and It’s role is to remind me my country which I am proud to know and be in. I liked my partners stories and they achieved little more respect from me because of them amazing story telling and their item in their brown paper bag.

My top 3 MAD cards choice

My top 3 MAD cards were Housing, Hunger and Historic Preservation. I felt it was hard for me to narrow down my 6 MAD choices to 3. My decision behind the choosing Historic Preservation is that I believe that knowing our history and learning from our ancestors mistakes and not repeating it tells us how far we come as humans. I really enjoyed the exercise and I found out more about myself and what I am interested in.