Final Blog Post Math Analysis

I found philanthropy really interesting, while learning about it because it gave me a sense of how I could improve the working lives of others. I also found it fascinating the amount of time people will give you, by just showing them a small sense of interests in what they do and who they are.

Question #2 I can not answer because I did not go on the field trip.

I have learned that if you truly try to get your message out to the public and your detailed in what your promoting for, more often than not people respond in a very optimistic manner. I realized this when raising money outside of Kings grocery store, which I found to work really well because people were very interested about Jazz House Kids, and thought it was a great thing we were doing. This eventually translated into numerous donations from people. I would have made a more detailed sign for the fundraising, so people had a better sense of what it was, without asking us.

I could possibly see myself getting into the philanthropical efforts because I enjoy helping people and promoting welfare for others. Therefore, I found this whole experience quite interesting and is definitely something I would take into consideration for the future.

Blog Post #4

While listening to the panel discussions what impressed me the most overall was how much passion each correspondent had for their respective charities. This was very easy to tell through the way they gave off their information about their charities.

What surprised me about the panel discussions was how much information each charity had about the social issue they are supporting. Also, they had planned out their goals very well for the future of their charities.

I would like to learn more about Jazz House Kids because my groups speaker really fascinated me about how they inspire young kids to chase their dreams in the music department.

I could see myself getting involved in this charity by fundraising money for their cause, in order to bring in more kids, who are passionate about music and jazz. We could accomplish this through bake sales or walks in Millburn, for people who are as passionate about this cause as we are.

The discussion made me realize that I chose a great charity because they are supporting a great cause for kids and gives them an opportunity to follow their dreams, no matter what situation they might be in.

Blog Post #3

I feel that the charities are very good and have a lot of information to give to the class. I also feel that they are all very distinguished and put a lot into their organization and social cause they are focusing on.

For the phone calls, it gets very frustrating making constant phone calls without much success. This is because these charities are very busy, making you the proactive side and continuously reaching out.

What was your reaction to the brown paper bag exercise?What did you learn about yourself? Why do you think we do this activity?

I enjoyed the Brown Paper Bag experiment because it made me think what is really special to me and what I need in my life. I learned that technology is one of the major parts of my life because I couldn’t imagine living without my cell phone because that is how I plan out my life as a whole and what I want to do each day. I think we do this activity to show each individual what is really important to them and their peers.

Question B on Homework

Through using the MAD cards I learned about the variety of different things I could get involved in. This helped me distinguish, which categories I was and wasn’t interested in. I learned that the health of people, taking care of the environment, and learning about new cultures are the ones that fascinated me the most. Through this all also learned about many different categories other people chose, and it was interesting to see how different people’s interest are, especially within a smaller group.