Blog Post 4

Having the panel in class was very interesting. It was great to learn about the various ways organizations reach out and help people in need for a variety of things. Other then the woman and her husband being nominated for a grammy, the thing that interested me the most was the fact that only one dollar at the Community Food Bank was able to give so many meals to kids. Also just how much these organizations are able to do and the impact the community around them. I would definitely want to give money to one maybe two of the organizations because of their mission and because what they do in their organizations are important to me. For me, the organization we chose does not focus on the thing that is most important to me.

Blog Post 3

I think my group and I were able to successfully find charities that fit our values and top categories from the Mad cards. Making the actual phone calls seemed intimidating at first but seemed to work out well and wasn’t as difficult as they seemed to be. We were able to get someone from the Elizabeth Colaition to come in for the panel.

Blog Post #2

The brown paper bag made me realize what was important to me along with what was important to other people as well and what common things many of us valued. This activity was used to further explore a question few people ask us about or what one thinks of on a daily basis. This question being what we value in our lives and the world around us. This also will help us choose an organization for later in this unit.

Start of Philanthropy Unit

By using the MAD cards I was able to learn what I value in life and the things that I value more than others. I also realized how my choices on what I thought was important related to things that have happened in my own life. I hope to gain more involvement in giving back to the community in this unit and learn about different ways that I can help out in areas around me as well as areas around the country that are in need of assistance.