blog post 4 Reese


I believe philanthropy is an amazing thing. My view hasn’t really  changed throughout this process because I have always been a supporter of unicef. When I was 10 years old I collected 10,000 dollars from stands and signs. But I still have kept my appreciation for philanthropy throughout this project.


One thing is to never judge a book by its cover. The other thing is be happy because people are less fortunate and are happy. These both are important to me because I believe they both relate to me. I tend to judge people when I meet them but after hearing the nice man speak, I feel different about him. I also am sad sometimes but I need to realize that there are people in worse positions that are happy.


What I have learned about the fundraising process is that it’s worth it. Even though it was hard work, I felt great knowing it was for a good cause. I felt that our way of making money worked very well. I would improve by not procrastinating.


I think I will because I like to be nice to people and I like to help people get better. I also want to make Mr. Breslow like me more and think im his best student of all time. 🙂


Blog post 4

I enjoyed having the 3 representatives from the three charities come and speak with us. Unfortunately they were a little too passionate about their charities and took up too much time when they spoke. It was nice to hear the things they were saying, but it really turned me off in a sense when they seemed to rant for hours. What I did enjoy about them was the fact they were very kind and respectful while others were speaking. I also learned that they want us to focus on spreading their message more than doing our own donations. This is because the donations will come but if we get the word around through social media more donations will come.

Reese Little

I think that the charities are really good and have a lot of information to give to the class. I also feel like they care a lot about what they do.

For the phone calls, its very frustrating making constant phone calls without there cooperation . This is because these charities are very rude, not treating you like your an adult.

paper bag exercise

My reaction to the brown paper bag exercise was a good one. I really liked doing it because it helped me express 3 things I found really important to me. I really appreciated the opportunity to do this.

paper bag

I really liked the brown paper bag exercise it was very nice to be able to bring it 3 objects that I felt made a huge impact on my life. Not many people knew that those objects were s important to me so it was in a way nice to open up to the class.