Blog 5

1. I believe philanthropy is a very good way to help others. I think it is very needed in our society and is a good way to help good causes.


3. I learned that raising money for different organizations is a lot of fun but much harder than it’s seems. In the end it pays off very well because you got to dedicate your time to help people.  I feel like fundraising and finding the organizations we wanted to donate to worked very well. One thing I would do differently is have a more organized approach to the fundraisers process in the future.


4. I feel that I will be involved in lots of philanthropy as I get older. I have always loved volunteer work and helping others.

Blog 4

Organization: Elizabeth Coalition

I was impressed most by the amount of money that each charity made on average per year. I was surprised by how long the organization has been running for. I would be interested in finding out how the organization has been able t develop this large a following over the years. I am actually already involved with the Elizabeth Coalition with the summer camp and I also wrap and give out presents in their Christmas fundraiser. I believe that I chose the right organization after the discussion.

Blog 3

I feel very good about the charity we have chosen. Our group mainly focuses on children, but this organization not only focuses on children but the well being of everyone. The phone calls also weren’t as bad as I thought they would be. I thought they went very well because they are coming in on Dec. 11th.

Blog Post #2

I thought it was a good exercise. It told us a lot about other students and the things they like. I discovered that a lot of the stuff I like is what other people like also. I think we did this activity to learn about everyone’s interests in life.

Blog post 1- Bridgett Kobberger

I learned a lot from using the MAD cards. I learned that there were so many different organizations to choose from. It was very hard to pick a favorite because they were all very important. I ended up picking animal care, elder care, and children youth services. By going this assignment I ended up learning what different foundations were important to other people.