Adam Klein journal number 4

Commander Spreng impressed me the most, because he truly loved what he did. I was suprised how he does not take a paycheck of any sort. I want to learn more about what their aspirations for 2018 are. I will raise money for them and get the word out. The discussion did confirm that we chose a good charity because Amvets does important work for important people.

Adam Klein Post December Fifth

Choosing Amvets, I believe will be a success. They believe in helping Veterans and that is our main social goal.When we spoke on the phone, they were very enthusiastic to talk to us. I understand with the holidays coming up that many charities were too busy to give us their time. In the end we only need one charity to donate money to, so having only Amvets as really our only potential charity is a positive because we approve of their mission.

Adam Klein First Blog post 11/12/2017

When we used the MAD cars in class I learned that I value values that directly pertain to America the most. I cared more about helping people who were not necessarily sick but still need aid. Other people cared more about helping sick, or poor people. I hope in partaking in the Main Street Philanthropy project that I will learn more about giving back, and what it truly means to be in need of something.
Adam Klein