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My overall view on philanthropy is that it is for people who want to make a difference and help out others in need. It is a selfless act and is for people with a passion to make a difference. Today, I still see philanthropy the same, but after the field trip, I have a closer and more personal view of it and how big it is all around the world. On the field trip, two important things that happened was the speech and playing with the dog with three legs. It taught me valuable lessons that I will remember for a long time. When the guy gave the speech, it gave me a new perspective. I know that not everyone has it easy and the real world can be difficult at times and people do need help. I have also learned that in the fundraising process, it takes a lot of work to make money. Seeing every one fundraising and bringing money shows me that fundraising is difficult, yet important. Canning for Alzheimer’s New Jersey was difficult, yet I know that people do a lot more when it comes to raising money. I thought that the canning worked well. Something that I would have done differently is make it known that we were fundraising so that people could match our donations. I think that I will become involved in philanthropical efforts in the future because I think that it is important to give back to the community and see myself helping other people. Philanthropy is important to be involved in, ad everyone should give back at one point of their lives.

Final Blog Post

1)I think that before this experience I was aware of the immense importance of charity and philanthropy in our society. I feel that more than anything this project has helped reinforce my already established beliefs on the process of fundraising for charitable organizations.

3) I have learned that the fundraising process is a lot more difficult than most people realize. Considering how busy people are during the day it is very hard to be able to run an effective fundraiser in your free time. Also I learned that fundraising includes a large donation of personal time as well as money from the people running the fundraiser.

4)I think that depending on my personal situation further on in life the prospect of philanthropic efforts can decrease or increase. I do believe that I could and should have a role in some type of charitable effort later on in my life.

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I believe philanthropy is an amazing thing. My view hasn’t really  changed throughout this process because I have always been a supporter of unicef. When I was 10 years old I collected 10,000 dollars from stands and signs. But I still have kept my appreciation for philanthropy throughout this project.


One thing is to never judge a book by its cover. The other thing is be happy because people are less fortunate and are happy. These both are important to me because I believe they both relate to me. I tend to judge people when I meet them but after hearing the nice man speak, I feel different about him. I also am sad sometimes but I need to realize that there are people in worse positions that are happy.


What I have learned about the fundraising process is that it’s worth it. Even though it was hard work, I felt great knowing it was for a good cause. I felt that our way of making money worked very well. I would improve by not procrastinating.


I think I will because I like to be nice to people and I like to help people get better. I also want to make Mr. Breslow like me more and think im his best student of all time. 🙂


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I my view of philanthropy, I liked it because we were helping a certain cause we felt passionate about. Meeting Comander Spring was cool because he looked liked a nice guy who was very passionate about his cause. At first I excited to be involved in philanthropy but a couple months in, I lost the urge to continue working with it. I did not attend the field trip. I learned the fundraising is not that hard if you set your mind to it and follow through with your idea on how to raise money. What I would do differently, I would get my group to try and go to kings one weekend and stand there with buckets asking fellow kings customers for some change that would go to veterans. Right now I do not see myself fundraising till mid April, when the lacrosse team stands infront on kings to can for money that pays our coaches. I do not see myself getting involved in philanthropical efforts for a while or till I’m older. I do not have enough time to balance college and philanthropy.

Final Blog Post

I have always admired philanthropy, but before this project, I did not know much about it. After doing this project I better understand all of the hard work that people put in every day as philanthropists and members of non profit organizations to make a change in the world. One important thing that I learned on the field trip is that hunger is a huge problem in New Jersey, which is important because in a country where so many people have excess food that their disposal, many more do not; this is an imbalance that needs to change. I also learned after working at the food bank that doing monotonous and simple work like sorting food can make a big difference in people’s lives. I have learned that fundraising is a process that takes a lot of planning and communication, and often requires compromise. I feel that bagging at ShopRite was an effective way to raise money for my fundraiser. If I were working on a fundraiser in the future, I would make sure there was a better communication between me and whatever team I would be working with. I would like to become involved in philanthropical efforts in the future because helping others would be a much more valuable way to spend my time on earth instead of always focusing on myself.


From the start of this unit, I thought it was really nice that we were being given the opportunity to give back to our community in whatever way we wanted. I’d already been familiar with volunteer work as I’d been a teen mentor my past 4 years at Millburn High School and I’d loved every second of it. From the start, I knew that philanthropy would mean more to me than a good grade. I think non profit work is one of the last good things humans have left because its something we do out of the kindness of our hearts, for others without expecting anything in return. What you do get in return, is the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made someone’s life a little easier in one way or another. I learned that the fundraising process is a lot harder than I realized. It requires long term planning, and it’s not something you can just figure out overnight.  I definitely plan on continuing my work with non profits during my next four years at Drew University, in their Civic Engagement Program. The program they offer at Drew will inhibit me to continue making a difference in the world through volunteer work alongside other students who have the same passion for helping others as much as I do. I look forward to whatever lessons Mr. B will teach us in the second semester and how those lessons may also transcend the classroom.

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I found philanthropy really interesting, while learning about it because it gave me a sense of how I could improve the working lives of others. I also found it fascinating the amount of time people will give you, by just showing them a small sense of interests in what they do and who they are.

Question #2 I can not answer because I did not go on the field trip.

I have learned that if you truly try to get your message out to the public and your detailed in what your promoting for, more often than not people respond in a very optimistic manner. I realized this when raising money outside of Kings grocery store, which I found to work really well because people were very interested about Jazz House Kids, and thought it was a great thing we were doing. This eventually translated into numerous donations from people. I would have made a more detailed sign for the fundraising, so people had a better sense of what it was, without asking us.

I could possibly see myself getting into the philanthropical efforts because I enjoy helping people and promoting welfare for others. Therefore, I found this whole experience quite interesting and is definitely something I would take into consideration for the future.

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1. I believe philanthropy is a very good way to help others. I think it is very needed in our society and is a good way to help good causes.


3. I learned that raising money for different organizations is a lot of fun but much harder than it’s seems. In the end it pays off very well because you got to dedicate your time to help people.  I feel like fundraising and finding the organizations we wanted to donate to worked very well. One thing I would do differently is have a more organized approach to the fundraisers process in the future.


4. I feel that I will be involved in lots of philanthropy as I get older. I have always loved volunteer work and helping others.

philanthropy overall view/ last blog post

  1. My thoughts on philanthropy now are a lot better then before, I understand the meaning of it more and it does not hurt to help others and raise money.

2. I will always remember to thank my parents for what they have given me and always be willing to donate to others.

3. When fundraising i feel that a lot more people then i thought were willing to donate. There are more generous people in this world then i thought.

4. Yes if it comes up again I would most likely do it again and help out others.

Remy Blog Post #5:)

  1. The philanthropy project was overall a bit of a struggle but rewarding. I wish the process could have gone more smoothy and efficiently, however I was pretty satisfied with the amount of money I collected. I enjoyed promoting the welfare of the Community Food Bank, and by the end of this unit I discovered just how important and impactful they are on my community. I learned to honestly be more apprecatieve of what I have by the end of all of this, as well as the value of helping those in need and gratitude you recieve.
  2. Sadly, I was not able to attend the field trip:(
  3. Fundraising is actually fun and relatively easy ONLY IF the whole team is involved, invested, and willing. If not, it can be rather stressful and hectic. By the end, it gives you a huge feelingof joy and accomplishment. Bagging really worked well – I recommend for future classes as a rewarding fundraiser. In the future, I would make sure that my teammates were all there and on board because if not it is a crazy and lonely process.
  4. In college I plan on doing a huge amount of community service, as it is part of my semester seduling. Its well worth my time and makes me appreciate what I have in addition to making me a better person. I think everyone should go through the process of philanthropy and charity work because although at times it might be dreadful, its rather rewarding and a great way to give back to the community and show your gratitude.