Adam Klein journal number 4

Commander Spreng impressed me the most, because he truly loved what he did. I was suprised how he does not take a paycheck of any sort. I want to learn more about what their aspirations for 2018 are. I will raise money for them and get the word out. The discussion did confirm that we chose a good charity because Amvets does important work for important people.

Blog #4

KJCS group got the Alzheimer’s association to come to the panel on Monday. I was impressed that they had a somewhat personal connection to the charities they were part of. I really wanted to learn more about their income and more ways they raise money. The conversation of all the charities in panel gave me idea of their first steps and their success in their hard work being in the charity. The women from¬†Alzheimer’s association made me excited in their work and future upcoming money raising process and listing to their story.

Alex Blog #4

Sparkle Motion got Jazz House Kids to come, and it was an enlightening experience. Frankly, I’m not sure if anything “impressed” me, mainly because we were bombarded with information from 6 different people all trying to sell us something. If anything surprised me, it would be that Jazz House Kids wants to come full circle and expand into the elderly too. That’s pretty hip to me. I want to learn about how to get involved with Jazz House, and Melissa expressed mutual interest, so opening a line of communication is up there on the priorities list, right under worshipping The Shaggs for their musical virtuosity and immaculate beauty expressed through sound. Overall, I feel much better about getting Jazz House Kids on board, because I find their whole organization way cooler and more interesting than initially expected.


What impressed me most about the panel was how well organized and professional it was. I was proud of my team for pulling in half of the people on the panel, and all three of the representatives we pulled genuinely interested me with everything they had to tell us about their organizations. It was hard to get in all the questions we wanted to with the limited amount of time we had, but I thought we managed to ask a lot of good questions. It’s gonna be hard to choose which charity we want to help fundraise for, but no matter which non profit we chose to help out at least we know it’s going to a noble cause. I’m excited to start really applying myself with the fundraising this month.

Blog Post #4

I liked the panel discussions because they offered insight into what it’s like to work for a charity. The discussions were also good because we were able to learn more about the charities we picked in first person, which is much better than just reading a website. I was impressed by how knowledgeable each representative was, and I was surprised how far some people came just to speak to our class. I hope to work with non profits in the future because I think it’s a meaningful profession, and I want to learn more about the different ways a person can work for one. The discussion confirmed that all of the charities chosen were solid because after hearing everyone speak, it was evident that all the represented organizations are successful and legitimate.


Trevor cook blog post 4

) What impressed you the most?
b) What surprised you?
c) What do you want to learn more about?
d) How do you see yourself getting involved?
e) Did the discussion help to confirm that you chose a solid charity? Why or why not?
What impressed me the most was how devoted all of the charities were to their causes. I would personally like to get involved in amvets. I could possibly give money to help their cause or go to one of their events. The discussion did help confirm that I chose the right charity to spend my time with.

Blog Post 4

Having the panel in class was very interesting. It was great to learn about the various ways organizations reach out and help people in need for a variety of things. Other then the woman and her husband being nominated for a grammy, the thing that interested me the most was the fact that only one dollar at the Community Food Bank was able to give so many meals to kids. Also just how much these organizations are able to do and the impact the community around them. I would definitely want to give money to one maybe two of the organizations because of their mission and because what they do in their organizations are important to me. For me, the organization we chose does not focus on the thing that is most important to me.

Blog Post 4

What impressed me the most in the panel discussions was how passionate the representatives of the charities were. What surprised me was how many people were actually willing to come to the high school just to teach us about their charities even though there was not guarantee they would be getting the fundraiser money. I want to learn more about the special olympics because I originally thought it was just for kids with disabilities, but the representative mentioned how it’s for more than just the kids. I plan on getting involved by having a fundraiser to help my cause. The discussion did help to confirm that my group and I chose a solid charity because the representative for the Elizabeth Coalition seemed to enjoy teaching us about her cause and she seemed to enjoy working for the Elizabeth Coalition which leads me to believe that it’s a great and helpful charity.

Blog Post #4 – Celeste Cotto

What impressed me the most was how passionate the people were about the organizations they worked for. What surprised me the most was how much they all had to say. I would like to learn more about what exactly my organization did. I can see myself donating or maybe participating in a walk in the future if they have one. This discussion made me think that we could stick with this organization and that we chose a solid charity.

Blog Post #4

While listening to the panel discussions what impressed me the most overall was how much passion each correspondent had for their respective charities. This was very easy to tell through the way they gave off their information about their charities.

What surprised me about the panel discussions was how much information each charity had about the social issue they are supporting. Also, they had planned out their goals very well for the future of their charities.

I would like to learn more about Jazz House Kids because my groups speaker really fascinated me about how they inspire young kids to chase their dreams in the music department.

I could see myself getting involved in this charity by fundraising money for their cause, in order to bring in more kids, who are passionate about music and jazz. We could accomplish this through bake sales or walks in Millburn, for people who are as passionate about this cause as we are.

The discussion made me realize that I chose a great charity because they are supporting a great cause for kids and gives them an opportunity to follow their dreams, no matter what situation they might be in.