Panel discussion #4

I found the panel discussion to be very informative as I learned a lot about non for profit work.  I was very impressed and inspired by the work that they do.  All of the visitors clearly articulated their role, and expressed how passionate they are about their organizations, as well as why it is important to support nonprofits. I was surprised by the many issues that are happening all over New Jersey, and the large amount of nonprofit work being done.  I would like to learn more about how nonprofits raise money,  and how they decide to distribute the money across their organization.  I definitely see myself getting involved with the organizations I invited, but I overall felt really inspired and connected with Ocean Action. Ultimately, the discussion did help my group decide which charity we wanted to support. This is because the panel discussion allowed us to meet the organization in her person, and have a better understanding of the work they do.

The Panel Discussion

The panel discussion was a great experience in my opinion. I overall learned that the people involved with these organizations care about what they do and are genuinely happy with it. I was impressed to learn that there are so many great organizations in NJ that I wasn’t aware of. I was surprised about all the different needs there are so local to us. I would love to learn more about animal statistics in New Jersey as the conserve wildlife representative, Mara, mentioned. I would love to volunteer to the Mount Pleasant Animal Shelter, she made is sound like so much fun. I think my group made a good choice. Christine was awesome and even gave us ideas for our fundraiser. She seems very passionate about her career.


My reaction to the panel was a positive one, what personally impressed me the most was how prepared the different charities were, some even brought in items for us such as wristbands and calendars. Not much personally surprised me though, as they each came in a presented us with different perspectives and even more information than we had discovered on their individual charities and organizations. They presented us with information such as how much they made a year, how they receive funding whether it be private or government, due to such it reconfirmed my faith in Covenant House and I can now see myself assisting further in the development of their ideals through fundraisers

Reaction to panel disscusions

It was so nice to have people come in from so many different organizations. I got to meet someone from Bridges Outreach and the Covenant House. Both Marcia and Lois surprised me by explaining all the ways people can help and get involved. I see myself getting involved in the future at both organizations. I really like how people can volunteer in so many different ways from making food to having a sleep out. I learned more about fundraising which definitely helped my group with our original ideas for fundraising. Although both charity representatives did an amazing job informing us on the charities, one charity stuck out to me more. I’m glad we had the panel because it helped my group and I decide on the charity we will fundraise for.

Journal 10: Panel discussion reaction

I had an awesome experience with the panel discussion. I learned so many new things about non-profit organizations in our area. My group brought in someone from Covenant House. I was surprised about how passionate these representatives were about their organizations. I hope to at some point get involved with any of the organizations that came in. After talking to the representative from Covenant House about my groups ideas for a fundraiser, she gave us a lot of helpful tips and tricks for fundraising.

Blog Post 4


i was impressed with how prepared all the organizations representatives were, they brought materials, and obviously had done something like this before.

I was surprised by the personal experiences all the representatives shared, they were very heart felt and nice to hear.

i want to learn more about how to profit the most from whatever fundraiser we chose, i want to choose a fundraiser option that will make insane profit.

i see myself getting involved by volunteering at mount pleasant animal shelter because i personally want to, and also creating a fundraiser that will truly help mount pleasant a lot.

yes- we love mount pleasant because they do exactly what we were looking for in a charity and i felt a connection to the lady and her passion for animals and i feel the same.

Blog post 4

I was pretty impressed by the way the panel was set up and coordinated all 5 organizations  had something to teach the class. I was surprised at the similarities between the organizations. By that i mean they all knew how to deal in the philanthropy business. I would like to know more about how these charities operate weather or not they are in an office or a informal setting. I see my self helping by raising money for the various charities but not much more than that. No it made it more difficult to choose. They both seemed to be very involved in wildlife conservation.

Blog Post 3 (not late BREZ)

Q: “How do you feel about the charities that you have chosen, as they relate to your group’s shared “social passion,” AND how do you feel about the “cold calls” (the phone calls) that you’ve made up to this point?”


A: I feel confident about the charities I have chosen, they certainly relate to my groups social passion and very call I have made to my selected charities has been pleasant, and nice. I have been sent to voicemail or re-directed and then had to leave a voicemail to the person they connected me with, but when I got a call back from a charity that is now on the panel for dec. 11, they were extremely interested and it was obvious they are as passionate about spreading awareness about animal care as much as my group is. Making phone calls for me is quite easy, I understand some people might have difficulty with it, but i enjoy speaking to others especially when it comes to philanthropy and doing something good.

Blog Post 3

“How do you feel about the charities that you have chosen, as they relate to your group’s shared “social passion,” AND how do you feel about the “cold calls” (the phone calls) that you’ve made up to this point?”
When it came to the groups that i picked i had to make some changes so that it would better fit into the groups passion better. After some refesion i feel much better about the groups. Picking the orginzations was one thing but calling them was a totally different experience. It was a good thing that most of the time i was sent to voicemail. I am not a fan of calling random people.

Add class comment…


My opinion on the charities in which we have chosen is one of confidence. I believe that thus far these charities seem to have an interest in their cause and showcase humility due to their acceptance to come and lecture and answer questions to a High School class for only 45 minutes from their far and distant locations across NJ. It shows their determination and grit to help spread knowledge about their cause as we witness the organization members and choose which will go best with us. In accordance to their being charities that have accepted our proposal, there have been a multitude of organizations that had presented us with cold calls and didn’t pick up the calls and simply chose to ignore the voicemail left behind and also those that deferred our offer by presenting us to their email or sending us to an extension that didn’t pick up.