Main Street Final Blog

After completing the first 9 weeks I had come to terms with the fact that the next week would be a bittersweet ending to the course. My most memorable experience through Main Street was the raising of money. Though this seems like a simple task, I ultimately found out, it is not. Raising money through bake sales and simply asking for donations can be a difficult are arduous process. Despite this, it is very rewarding in the end knowing the money you raise will be used towards a good cause. Through Main Street I learned plenty of valuable and important life lessons. The most important one of these is to have faith in others. I learned this through working with teammates and hoping they would try to contribute as much as I did to our fund raising efforts. My group members certainly did not fall short and were very helpful in raising money and awareness for Main Street and our goal as a team. If I were to give advice to nonprofits I would first tell them to keep an open mind about who comes to them. This especially applies to teenagers coming to them offering a possible opportunity. Other students and other schools need to realize that enrolling in Main Street should not be done solely to help college resum├ęs, though that is a helpful bonus. Enrolling in Main Street and completing the course is a very difficult task that demands heavy amounts of attention and should only be done if one is passionate about learning about philanthropy and helping others. To any possible donors to a Main Street Class, I would advise them to learn about what Main Street does and realize that it is a very valuable experience for all those involved. And if I had the choice between being given $25 dollars to keep or $250 to give away, I would definitely give away the $250, I honestly am in a fortunate situation where I can go without $25 dollars. There are people however who do not have nearly enough and I am hoping I would be able to help with the money.

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