Week 8 Blog

Week 8 was the time when our groups had to present to which organization(s) our final fundraising money was going to, and our group had met up earlier in the library to make a final decision.

In our presentation, we had included the results of the interviews with our family members and friends as well as finally revealing the amount of money we had raised as well as the organizations we would be giving our money to… and we chose one of the organizations that we thought really accomplished our Mission by supporting and helping sick children. I am glad that that organization would finally be receiving money to help suffering children with disease and cancer and our group hopes the money will be put into good use immediately so we can see the positive impact we have made on the world by helping those in need.

We wish our organization as well as all of the other organizations that Main Street will donate to will benefit greatly from our checks and make the world a better place.

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