Week 7 Blog

Week 7 was also a great and educational experience.

During class, we discussed the potential organizations that we could donate our fundraising money to, and tried to figure out which organizations/charities fulfilled our Mission, Purpose, and Vision statements that we had originally created back in Week 3. While we pondered those choices, we also tried to think about what organizations our money would actually make a difference in, i.e. what organizations we thought would really benefit from the moderate size of money we had raised from our fundraisers (i.e., the organizations that had been founded to serve the community recently or earlier than the other organizations that had been around for a little more time and therefore did not have as much time to grow and develop into a more wealthy organization).

We learned that our homework was to interview a parent or a loved one that we associate ourselves with and ask them deep philosophical questions as well as take a couple of moments to try to gain a deeper understanding and connection with him/her, which I thought was a great idea.

Through talking about the different possibilities of the organizations we would be presenting our money to, our team was able to bond and I am thankful for that.

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